One for the boys

There are so many cool things I want and need to blog about, but I would like to send out a little plea today instead.

Our children go to a farm school.  To get to the farm school in the Durbanville Winelands we battle through suburban school traffic in the morning and travel first on a 2 lane road with NO shoulder and then on a road passing horses and cows and vineyards with a speed limit of 80km/h.  I love traveling to the school, it’s so good for the soul to see such beauty every day.

Lately however it’s been marred by, for want of a better word, ASSHOLES.  People that are in a terrible hurry to get to whatever is so important in their lives that they end up endangering the lives of children.

Yesterday morning there was a guy in a white BMW that overtook me, the 3 cars in front of me and 2 trucks into oncoming traffic over a solid white line at 110km/h.  I still shudder just thinking about it.

This morning, after dodging the guy on the bike that decided that it shouldn’t be my turn to go because I should have a 360 view of absolutely everything on the road and because he is clearly so much more important than me, I am driving along merrily on the 2 lane road that has NO shoulder when another guy in a large white bakkie also overtakes 4 cars coming straight at me and pulled in front of the front car just in time.  The worst of it is that he would have ended up in that school traffic about 50 meters down the road anyway so that manic overtaking was completely in vain.

So now my children can ALL say ASSHOLE, in unison, at the right time.

Guys, please.  Breathe before you get in the car in the morning.  Think about the potential impact of reckless driving especially at that time of the morning when people are dropping children off at school.


5 thoughts on “One for the boys”

  1. Oh, the joy of morning traffic. I don’t think that these Assholes even realise that they are not the only ones on the road. They cause all the accidents and drive off into the sunset oblivious to it all.
    Hugs. xx

  2. Instead of using any of many other vile-sounding words of art, I’ve lately been using Poephol as my shout-at-manic-driver-in-traffic word… So, guess what A1 is now using to describe the naughty children at school?

  3. I cringe when I see how some people overtake. Obviously they have no respect for others when clearly they do not even value their own lives.

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