One of THOSE nights

Sometimes it is just hysterical to have a almost 3 yr old boy.  He doesn’t walk.  He either runs or bounces.  Everywhere. 

This was our evening:
Whilst dropping off the nanny he was moaning about “vakvak”=vlakvark=Lion King.  Over and over and over again in the car I thought I was going mad. I don’t understand why as he knows it is a DVD and not a song??

He then switched on the cd player in the kitchen and was having a LOUD party with “when you’re happy and you know it”, complete with clapping and bouncing and stomping of feet whilst standing on a chair.  He was hugely upset with me when I tried to turn the volume down.

Supper time we could NOT keep him at the table as he was running around shrieking like a banshee.  The little shit enjoys scaring the living daylights out of his sisters when they are watching Baby Einstein.  They are so petrified of the puppets by now he only asks us to put it on so he can jump and and down and shriek when the puppets come on as he know how they scream.  Poor Mignon got such a fright she almost bounced out of her feeding chair.

Bathtime was a nightmare.  Mommy has to bath, noooo, Daddy has to bath and so on and so forth.

Whilst I was bathing the girls he was driving hubby mad.  Ask for Crackerbread and when hubby gives it to him, noooo, he asked for rice cakes.  When hubby gives him the rice cakes, nooo he asked for Marmite on the rice cakes.  And quite exasperated as if we weren’t listening to him.  My poor, long suffering husband.

When we were dressing the girls he was dragging a big chair around the kitchen and we are quite powerless as we are each busy trying to dress wriggly little worms, a challenge all by itself.  By the time hubby made it to the kitchen Mr D has knocked over the bottle of red wine and there was wine everywhere. (we never drink during the week, but by this time we had each had a glass..)
The new game is also “chase” which basically entails, yes, you guessed it, to be chased up and down the passage.  It also entails the other parent, i.e. me, herding the girls so they don’t get knocked down. 

It finally ended with him upending a small tub of water over himself when he jumped off the bathroom cupboard and hubby had to change his clothes.

He is now quiet.  Phew.  And we are having another glass of wine, or rather, we drained the last few drops out of the bottle that didn’t end up on the floor. 🙂

9 thoughts on “One of THOSE nights”

  1. They can be trying little buggers and they call it the terrible twos????What about the threes and fours???

  2. Bout the same just don’t bounce off the walls as much as boys and if you ‘Train’ them well can be quite well behaved

  3. Wow, I was exhausted just reading this post. You must be super mom running after him all the time. I am sure it will be my time very soon, daniela is quite active for a girl. Hows the purebaby going? Any sales?

  4. Sounds like you got a little Tigger on your hands!

    Chat on the moro 😉 Nadia is such a lucky girl! thanks so much

  5. Oh dear, is this all still waiting for me? AND you with the twins as well….you must be very skinny.

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