Parenting Daniel

Daniel presented us with his first written story tonight.

Last night he lined up his Lego figurines, got into bed with a notebook and a pen and told us he was writing a story with the figurines as inspiration.

I cannot even begin to tell you how proud this makes me. (And a little weepy)

He has come such a long way this year. He has overcome intense separation anxiety, bullying and some other challenges that are not for me to write about.

He is a funny, gentle, clever little man and we are incredibly blessed that he chose us to be his parents.

It is so good to hear him laugh his trademark belly-laugh again. Having twin sisters that are a tsunami of energy and noise at the best of times can also not be easy, I’m sure he feels excluded sometimes. Yet, the three of them are a unit. They stand up for each other, they giggle, they make up silly games. They love with abandon.

How did we get this lucky?

4 thoughts on “Parenting Daniel”

  1. How wonderful that Daniel is writing stories and is in a happier place. Please transcribe his story. I would love to read it but am struggling to discern the words from the Angry Birds paper.

    1. Will do Tracy, but in a nutshell: the story is about buying the lantern with the Genie, going on a journey into a big house, finding a Princess that is being made to go to sleep by a bad Wizard and rescuing her. Very sweet.

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