Party and work stories

So I had a cake glitter crisis today.  I finally managed to find cake glitter (that is not green) at a little shop in Bellville as I just don’t have time to drive to the Baking Tin in Ottery. 

Please can someone explain why all those baking shops are so dusty? 

On the upside, if you are looking for a baking shop in the Northern Suburbs of the Cape Town area, please let me know, I have spoken to them all.  And don’t think it is as easy as 1 2 Google, nooooo, I had to go and find an actual PHONEBOOK.

Then I also had a chat to my boss today and it went down quite well, lets see..  I also had a call from a potential employer today, it was like Karma or Someone realised I was serious and my mind really is now open to the possibilities.  I am feeling SO positive about the future now!  Scared, but positive.

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  1. Tania baking shops are dusty because of Woolies and Charly’s Bakery! Mommies don’t bake anymore. I had these grand delusions of baking for Thomas’ 1st birthday and well – All the cakes on the table came from boxes or wrappers! There’s this lovely little baking job that used to be in Palmyra Road, Claremont and I always walked in just to see all these amazing baking devices but never had the guts to buy anything as it looked seriously professional and hard core! Well done on baking though – you’re a braver man than me, Charlie Brown!

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