Spent the day trying to get things wrapped up for the big birthday and party on Saturday and got most of it done.

And then I decided to do the cupcakes I always do.  My foolproof recipe.  That excludes meddling twins and a 3yr old assistant.  I think I left out half the flour or something, but it was worth re-baking them as Daniel had so much fun adding the flour to the mix.  He was SO proud of himself.

But it did put me back a lot timewise tonight.  Maybe I was just too sober when I was baking.  Who knows.  Luckily I managed to remedy that with the second batch.  Nothing like icing cupcakes in front of the telly whilst downing gulping sipping wine.

I also made a “poster” for each of the girls with their life so far.  It is a lovely Montessori tradition where they walk around a table with a candle on it, once for every year whilst they recite a little poem.  Sorry, but the words escape me now.  Beautiful tradition though. 

A friend is also having a polka dot party the day after ours, but she went big and her au pair (yes, she has an au pair) is arranging the whole thing and a professional is doing the cake and party packs.  I feel like we are having the white trash version of the polka dot party and am already trying not to compare myself and failing miserably.  Fuckit, it’s fun anyway 🙂 

Off to bed, will pop in tomorrow, promise!

19 thoughts on “Phew”

  1. Nothing wrong with being a ‘hands-on’ mommy 🙂 think its great that you doing the party, makes it so much more special 🙂

  2. I think it is great to be able to organize the kids’ parties yourself! It is really hard work, but I enjoy it very much. The kids also love to help. It is a great time to share with them!

    Enjoy the party! Looking forward to pics.

    PS. Your party will be the most enjoyed – guaranteed :)!

  3. I agree Tania! A party is not just about the party for a child. It is about the anticipation, sending the invitations out, getting everything ready. And your kids were part of ALL of this. They laughed and played with you and even though they might not remember the actual day when they are 30, it will be part of what makes them secure in their knowledge that you love them sooooo much, you sat a whole evening drinking wine and icing cupcakes!! I just love the Montesorri story they tell. The little ones get so involved in it!

  4. And where is the fun & participation in letting the au pair organise your own child’s party? I couldn’t care if I’m white trash – I DID IT MYSELF! And fuckit if the cupcake icing isn’t perfect! I get stressed doing party planning, but I LOVE making party packs! I’d hate to palm it all off on someone else. I already don’t spend enough time on my kids. Oi, here I go on my mommy guilt trip again…..

    We’d better be getting pics next week 😉

  5. You funny lady, LOL at white trash party! Your polka dot party is going to be the bomb because you and your children are completely involved in it. Love is much more important than money!

  6. Cupcakes is always a winner!
    I’d rather have a white trash party, done in love by my mother, than have my au pair organise a splashy thing for me! (and not that yours even is white trash!)

  7. 🙂 agree with the others … your party will be awesome cos you did it yourself and the kids got to help too … i’m with LL, love is much more important than money

  8. Thanks to Cams for reminding me –
    May they both be very excited opening presents! And enjoy the wrapping as much as the gift!
    And have a lovely party that mommy put so much effort and love into 🙂

  9. Veels geluk liewe maatjies, omlat julle verjaar. Magie Here julle seen en nog baie jare spaar! FLEEEEEEEEE (fluitjie geblaas deur Tione)

  10. Yay, Yay Happy Birthday!!!! to both your beautiful girls!!
    Well done Daniel for helping Mommy. xxxx Have a great day all of you. xxxx

  11. Happy Birthday to Isabelle and Mignon.
    Good luck for the party,sure your’s will be more fun than the’designer one’

  12. Happy Birthday to Isabelle and Mignon. Two delightful girls turn two! Yay for them and their Mummy! Oh and big brother and Daddy too!

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