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First off, thanks for all the guesses in my previous post, but Minki led you all down the garden path 🙂  Mignon left, Isabel right. Adele graciously published some of my crazy thoughts on telling twins apart.  She’s a keeper!

The girls started their first day at school today and it went really, really well.  Daniel came along and then hubby went to drop D off and he gave him quite a hard time, harder than the girls gave me!  They cried a little when I left, but were very happy to see Daddy when he went to fetch them lunchtime.  We’ll see how they do this week and then stretch them a little longer next week.  Here is a pic we took this morning: (M left, D middle, I right)

They LOVE their bags.  When I arrived home this avie they had their bags on their backs and they were ready to go off to school again.  They were NOT happy with us for not taking them out with their bags.  My, aren’t Saturday mornings going to be fun..  We’ll be the crazy family standing outside the shopping mall at 08h00, waiting for the door to open.  With 2 toddlers with school bags on their backs.

We also visited the Two Oceans Aquariumyesterday and what a fun morning we had with the kids.  We were very impressed with the staff and service.  The set-up is very child friendly and the coolest thing was that kids under 4 go in for free!  We then had lunch in the restaurant and that also went down really well.  Basic, good food, nothing fancy.  I’m having a picture failure at the moment, will post soonest!

Hope everyone has a great week, off to catch up on blogs now..  (and get some work done!)

22 thoughts on “Pic share”

  1. What really gorgeous children you have! They are growing up so quickly and Daniel looks so proud to be a big brother.
    Pleased to hear that your eye is feeling a little better. I hope it comes right this week. xxxx

  2. So cute,glad the 1st day went well.Daniel lokks like the cool big brother.
    Your article was great, read it on my phone during the gazillion pick up trips.

  3. What a lovely pic 🙂 Well done for getting the 3 of them together! Love D holding the girls’ hands – such a cute big brother 🙂

  4. Lovely photo of your three! Loved your article. We also love the aquarium. D has his own membership card now that he’s over 4. It really pays to be a member if you go more than twice a year because mebership isn’t that expensive and there are other perks like 10% off in the shop and restaurant. Also it’s the only place where you can eat at the Waterfront that has a children’s play space.

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