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Yesterday afternoon someone popped in as I was pouring some juice into cups.  Daniel and Mignon had pink cups and Isabel a yellow one.  There is always a shortage of pink cups in our house.

My guest then commented on how cool it is that Daniel drinking out of a pink cup doesn’t phase me.  So my mind did one of those ‘whooooooosh’ thingies and I realised that we don’t colour co-ordinate much.  If you want the pink cup, great, have the pink cup.  And pray that there won’t be an argument about who gets THAT particular pink cup.  Same goes for spoons, bowls and food.  Yes, food.

Daniel has a particular fondness for pink and we could choose if we wanted to fight with him about it “oh look, here’s a blue cup, why don’t you want the blue cup?”  Nah.  I say, let him have all the pink he wants until he decides he doesn’t want it anymore.  And wear his sisters’ crowns, fairy dresses, wings and wands to his heart’s content.

I did however wonder about where I should draw the line this morning when I was applying make-up in the car and he also wanted base, powder and lipstick.

What do you think?  Where do you draw the line between cute and a little weird?

Whilst you think let me brag about how nicely they are all getting along at the moment. (neither of these are posed, just so you know, that’s why they’re a little blurry)

(yes, I know the couch is filthy.  I found a grape squashed between 2 cushions last night)

22 thoughts on “Pink storiesp”

  1. I think that he is far too young to be worrying about colours, types of toys etc.
    As far as the makeup is concerned, kids don’t see things as we adults do and all he wants is what Mommy is doing for no other reason than he sees you doing it!
    Hugs. xx great pics as usual. xx

  2. Pink,blue,green-i agree- whatever!!! If he likes pink,so be it. Us as adults are too conditioned by society and what boys or girls should like or not. Are we afraid that they will grow up to be gay? And if this happens-are you going to love your child any less? Can we stop it anyway-should our children be gay? Mmmmm let me think about that…. Uh NO!!!! Let their minds be free without unnecessary conditioning x

  3. I think that kids go through a phase like this. My son wanted lipstick everytime I put some on for me. I gave in to it though my DH was most unimpressed. It went on for some time until he eventually just lost interest without any of us making a big deal of it. I think that our kids will try to imitate us and this is just normal.
    And btw…my little boy loves pink too!
    I think that he will love it at your house because we don’t really have pink stuff. I usually have to make an effort to buy pink for him ( stuff like cups, yoghurt, toys etc. for him). He even claimed his cousins Barbie takkies. Honestly, it doesn’t phase me at all.
    ps…my computer is clearly broken because I can’t see how dirty your couch is.

    1. Trust me the dirt is there, that’s why the pics are so small 🙂
      Bring that boy of yours over, he’ll completely OD on pink at my house!

  4. ps…my little one hasn’t cottoned on to the make-up thing yet but he wants to cleanse, tone and moisturise at night with me. I bought him some barbie/tinkerbell stuff for his routine. And no, my DH is not impressed. Not at all.

    1. Where did you find the Barbie stuff? I need to get some for the girls (and Daniel probably)
      I can well imgaine that your Dh is not too impressed..

  5. Hi Tania – looooooong time no see – a close friend’s one-and-only had an unhealthy attraction to pink (and fairy wands and dolls in pink strollers) – but once he started school good old gender programming kicked in… it was almost sad to see him turn into just-another-ordinary-little boy (at the age of 7).

    Enjoy it while it lasts – it is so cute!

    1. Hello and thanks for popping in!
      That’s the reason I don’t really mind, he has the rest of his life to ‘fit in’ and the peer pressure will get to him eventually.

  6. Children want to experiment and try things. Especially things that the people they love and idolise do and have. As long as no one gets injured, there’s no harm. My 6 year old son also wanted make-up so I let him. The base itched and he hated the taste of the lipstick so that lasted about five seconds! Talk about serendipity-do-dah – my 2 year old son got into my make-up bag as I was typing this and decorated his entire face with mascara. I’m also debating between the cute and the weird (with a little bit of fury or laughter thrown into the mix.) Do you think I have a Goth in the making?

    1. LOL at the fury and laughter, it sums parenting up in 3 words. And mascara is a firm favourite here too..

  7. Rivan het vir my lipgloss gekies wat op special was by die winkel nou die dag. Shocking pienk. Ek het dit stilletjies in die rak gelos toe ons by die til gekom het 🙂

    HY wou vir my lippies kies 😀

    1. Dis baie sweet, hy’s so oulik! Ek los ook gereeld goed by die till, maar die kinders raak nou slim, hulle vra waar dit is!

  8. Oh thank goodness for that. Now I don’t feel so stressed that Rhys just happen to mentioned he wants to do ballet!!!

  9. Our C has a great fondness for everything girly – I was worried until my cousin pointed out that he is merely copying hi solder sibling who happens to be a girl. Maybe he is jsut copying you?

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