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 If you are a working Mom and your Nanny doesn’t arrive due to the Taxi violence, and you then have to take the day off work do you:

1.  Deduct the day she is not at work from her leave
2.  Not deduct the day from her leave

4 thoughts on “Please vote!”

  1. My nanny phoned in absolute panic yesterday – she was trying everything to get into work. She eventually got in after 10am. She didn’t try and take the day off as she knew that I needed her. I am sure her situation is different from other maids/nannies, but because she made the extra effort to get in, I will be giving her extra money come bonus times….

  2. On principle, I don’t deduct because she has a child and she usually does not take off leave. If I couldn’t make it to work, I would still get my salary at the end of the month so why shouldn’t she?

  3. When I used to work we had 10 ‘special leave ‘days we could use over a period of 3 years…for days when you weren’t sick but couldn’t work,like kid having chickenpox,funerals,etc..maybe give her a few like that to use in emergencies but make it a limited amount

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