Pop in

I couldn’t stay away any longer, but really shouldn’t be here 🙂

We came home on Saturday and I tried to get cracking on the 6 loads of washing that awaited us, but think I managed to get through 2 loads (of which I left 1 in the machine..) before our cleaner arrived today. Bless her!!!

We also had all hubby’s family over for a early evening braai last night.  8 adults and 8 children, the bulk aged between 20 months and 6 years and then a 12 year old.  C.H.A.O.S.  But fun.

Tonight a friend of hubby is coming to stay.  He lives in Taiwan and is here with his Taiwanese fiancee.  She’s hard work as she is very subservient and never asks for anything and never accepts even food without checking with him.  Drives me nuts. 

We had to clean out the baby room that is waiting to be converted into the playroom.  Gawd, but my kids got a lot of toys this Christmas.

Then, hopefully some better eating days as I can already feel the pinch on my clothes…

And then New Years.  We don’t normally go big on New Years’ Eve, we normally have all our friends that are around over for a late afternoon braai and lazy lounge on the lawn 🙂

Quick Danielism:  He is sitting with me building a puzzle at the table and just asked if I was “blokking”  hiehie, amazing what he picks up …

7 thoughts on “Pop in”

  1. I dunno if I would have coped with 8 kiddies around!! But all in all it sounds like you had fun!Oh yes,Angel always asks me if I am on facebook, or blogging or what is going on on my profile. hehehehe. Clever kids!!

  2. 😀
    Apart from the friend with the Taiwanese GF, I could have written this post! Thanks for this one 🙂

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