Potty training hell

If we were just potty training a single child in summer (like we did with Daniel) it would have been ok.

But nooooo, we are training 2.  At the same time.  That are both under the weather. And it is cold.  And the longest of long weekends.  Ever.  No, we didn’t start this potty training shit, they chose it.

When a single child takes off their nappy and runs to the loo you think, ah, too cute, look!

When your twins are potty training you want to start drinking wine at 7am.  Not that you would have a chance to actually drink anything.  This is how it goes:

Big brother announces that he wants to make a pee and runs down the passage.

His 2 little sisters follow hot on his heels. (cue manic giggling)

They take off their nappies and pants and socks and shoes.

They then proceed to fight over the toilet.

by this time either Mom or Dad are in the bathroom, having dropped whatever we were doing

The potties are then dragged out and children are placed strategically on the potties.

Mom/Dad then runs back off to finish whatever we were doing

Crying or silence ensues from the bathroom.  (personally I prefer the crying, at least you know where they are)

Mom/Dad then runs back to the bathroom to find any combination of the following:

Mignon sitting on the toilet seat with her feet in the toilet, happily splashing away

Isabel sitting on top of the bathroom cupboard having squished out all the handwash in an effort to wash her hands

Both are stark naked.

Brother has departed ages ago and is sitting in front of the TV.

Mop, bath, redress and repeat 50 times during the course of the day.

14 thoughts on “Potty training hell”

  1. Shame, they’re actually such gorgeous kids, it has just been a very long weekend and school holidays!

  2. OOOH boy. I guess I can only say you’ll be glad when it’s done, and girls are supposed to be quicker than boys at getting sorted.

  3. wow! You are a wonderful mom! I would have run away by now, because when I potty trained Shaun I almost went crazy!!! It is a HUGE job! And you have two at the same time! Good luck!

  4. Please could you send my neighbour a memo. I think I was yelling a lot this weekend. Thank you and bless you Charlotte, but hubby is the sane one 🙂

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