Potty training question

I have always been of the “let kids potty train each other by example” persuasion and it worked quite well with Daniel.   We left him until he was interested and didn’t push him as he was smack bang on schedule.

We also never bought him a potty, he went straight onto the toilet with a step and seat that he did of course manage to break in 2 days.

I’m thinking girls are a little different though and as much as I loathe a potty, I’m starting to think that it might be a good idea for the girls.  They are starting to look interested so I want to be prepared.

Any thoughts??

10 thoughts on “Potty training question”

  1. I don’t know about girls (I only have the boy), but I saw these beautiful little soft toilet seats for a normal toilet for potty training at Dis-chem. The sponge (I think it’s sponge) is covered with an easy to clean plasicy material which is decorated with pretty pictures and colours. I’d think that could make any child WANT to go potty.

  2. We used a potty at first which wasn’t too well liked, then swiftly moved onto the seats from Dischem that Caz is talking about. We took it super slow and basically let her take the lead.

  3. I had little insert that fitted under the toilet seat so it made the seat smaller with a little step. Worked a charm.

  4. I, like Cams had an insert for the toilet seat. Jess hated the sight of a potty but had no problem with the toilet as she couldn’t fall in !!
    Girls are definitely train earlier than boys. xx

  5. One out of my 3 used a potty the other two went straight onto the toilet with the step and seat.
    Good luck

  6. Ek sal by jou kom kers opsteek wanneer dit poplap se beurt is. Vir die laaities werk die sien by ander maatjies nogal goed. Plus ek los die swaar werk vir die kleuterskool. Nou nog vreesbevange oor potty training

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