Project Christmas, Day 1

This year we are going all out for Christmas.

We are going to embrace all the Boney M, all the Christmas carols.

We are going to Noddy’s Christmas Party, like we did last year. (and hopefully will for a few years to come)

We are making it a true family affair.

We are going to try and avoid most of the Christmas Consumerist crap trappings and make as many of our gifts as possible.  Lighter on the pocket and good for the soul.

The first project was the Advent Calendars for the kids.  My idea was to put each day’s little sweetie in a packet on the Christmas tree and when the kids remove their packet they replace it with a Christmas decoration.

The kids stuck their own numbers on little white bags I found in a cupboard and we used clothing pins and some ribbon to attach the bags to the tree.  It’s not Martha Stewart, but the total effect looks cool.  And the kids loved it this morning.

It was hard to get the whole tree in, but this was the effect.

Daniel and Isabel putting their first decorations on the tree:



9 thoughts on “Project Christmas, Day 1”

  1. what a great idea Tanya! I love that
    we are also making most of our presents and trying to make it as kind to the pocket as possible

  2. Christmas can be great fun when your children are still young, nê? Nice idea Tanya. This post’s URL has already been sent to Canada.  🙂

  3. What a wonderful idea! I’m so stealing it for next year. This year I bought the boys advent calendars from Woolies. I must say getting them ready this morning was a breeze with the incentive of opening the first doors if they were ready on time.

  4. I love the advent calendar idea!! Do they each have one or one for all of them? Cos thats a lot of bags if they each have one. 

    Play that Boney M loud and be proud :)))

  5. I wish I had seen this before Advent started. But then I guess at 2 there is no way this wouldn’t end with kiddies eating all the sweets on day 1. But maybe next year???

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