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Mignon woke up first this morning and hubby left her in our bed whilst he went for a shower and I was getting dressed.  She loved lying in our bed with her dummy (only allowed when they sleep), Babysense “lappie” and Barney.  Then she was joined by her sister.  And this is what it looked like:

(If you look closely you can see Isabel on the right has a shiner on her right eye, courtesy of the Dros at Willowbridge. Poor hooligan baby)

Then, this evening they were playing up a storm in their room and this is how we found them:

They had runny tummies yesterday and today Daniel had the same problem, made a “glipsie” at a friend’s house, poor boy. 

And then he passed out of the couch before bedtime.  He doesn’t have a fever and we gave him something to settle his stomach and they all ate really well and had lots of fluids, so I’m not too worried, but we’ll keep an eye out anyway.

Hope everyone is well, I have a nightmare week at work this week and probably next, so I’ll try to pop in and catch up.  Hope I don’t miss anything important!

To everyone who has little ones starting school tomorrow: ALL THE BEST!!

15 thoughts on “Quick pic share”

  1. Love the “passed out” babies. Oh and a sexy headboard you have there. Nice for handcuffs or scarfs and things.. (sorry I know, totally inappropriate comment

  2. Love the passed out pics! Ouchie for Isabel’s shiner. Would hate to see what the other kid looks like. LOL!

  3. I love pix of sleeping babies – they always look so at peace and angelic! Then you remember how boisterous they are when they’re up and about! Two extremes!

    Hope the tummies are cleared up now!

  4. As usual such gorgeous pics!
    I too have had a tummy thing don’t know what it is, but touch wood seems to have passed (sorry for the pun) now! xxxx

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