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We popped around to my In-laws on Saturday morning and the kids all got drinks.  This pic is a good indication of the weekend moods: 

Mignon (Pink) was in full drama queen mode the whole weekend and I finally lost it with her this avie when she took a glass bottle off the cupboard and looked me in the eye before throwing it on the ground.  She is also the “Leader” at the moment, jumps first in the pool, etc  BUT, she said “Mayonnaise” tonight.  Rather odd word, I’m very impressed!

Daniel was pensive and very, very chatty.  He had lots of stories to tell and we were going through a Dr Zeuss book tonight with lots of questions and he was singing songs and performing.  Took me ages to get him to sleep, but I was having such a great time, I didn’t mind at all.  Yes, I know, he needs a hair cut.  Don’t ask.

Isabel was “gruwelik”.  There’s just no other word.  But very cute and cuddly and pulling funny faces the whole weekend.  She always ends up in the middle seat and doesn’t complain once.  I had a special alone 20 minutes with her this morning and she was just on my lap and in my arms for a long cuddle whilst watching some Afrikaans music on Kyknet.  (not something I ever do, but she seemed to be enjoying it 🙂 

Have a great week everyone! 

13 thoughts on “Quick pic share”

  1. Daniel looks like he is going to be a very handosme young man one day!
    And the girls are just so full of personality – Love your pics!

    I’ve been a bit behind on commenting on the blogs: just wanted to comment on your party planning – how’s that going? Also like the polka dot idea, what about instead of 2 differten cakes – which could go to waste – 2 different cupcakes – one pink and one oorange – or something like that – will fit right in with the polka dot theme as well. Anyways – can’t wait for the pictures!

  2. Amazing how a few months ago you couldn’t get them all in the same shot and now you have quite an awesome collection. Love this one

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