Quick pop in

Phew.  What a long weekend.  My brain is fried and I need some serious sleep.

In a nutshell:

All 3 kids were 100% healthy when we left for Stilbay on Thursday morning, but by the time we got there the snotty noses started.  By last night, after an after hours trip to the doctor and chemist, I was ready to put Mignon in the car and take her to hospital in Riversdale (about 35 kms away), her breathing was that bad.  But gathered myself towards myself, massaged some Olbas into her chest, stuck an Empaped up her bum and things went better from there.  Which meant that we only had to get up a couple of times during the night to check on all the coughing for the 3 of them.  Gawd.

This weekend was meant to be a trial-run with my folks for December, and I think it would be great, I just wish my Dad would stop his smoking before then.  It drives me nuts and I don’t want him anywhere near my kids.  Especially with their snot and chest problems this weekend.

Had ourselves a little “heart-to-heart” in the car today, hubby and I.

The kids did their first river swim on Friday as the weather was lovely.  I’m a bit nervous about posting pics these days, but can’t help but share these, they are TOO precious!

Mignon left and Isabel right, look at those little legs!!

Daniel playing silly buggers in the water, he had SUCH a good time, my little man 🙂   I realised this weekend that I need to spen A LOT more time with him, so will make a plan.

Hope you all had a good one!

10 thoughts on “Quick pop in”

  1. Glad you survived the weekend,why do the snotty noses always start up when you go away?
    Cute pics,looks like kids had fun

  2. Lovely kids!
    I also love driving long distances in the car with Husband – gives us lot’s of time to talk!

  3. Oh wow, the kiddies are growing up fast!
    Glad to hear that you and hubbie had a good chat. Do you feel a bit better now?
    Have a good week. xx

  4. Love the pics! You can almost feel the excitement going through Daniel’s mind 🙂 And those chubby little legs on the girls are too adorable 🙂

    I also had a case of the snots this weekend! Can only hope all fixed up now!

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