Random things our kids say

This past week a random email conversation triggered a memory and subsequently a sequence of events I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to blog about, not even a password protected post.

The reason is simply because it isn’t my story, but it potentially has massive ramifications for my family. On the upside it would explain so much of what my family has been through in the last 20 odd years and some of my own phobias.  I’m just ALL about the silver lining, aren’t I?  My shrink must be rubbing his hands in glee and already pre-ordering a fancy new car.

So instead of getting stuck I shall distract myself and amuse you with random things our kids have been saying:

The other night I was reading to the kids when Daniel grabbed my ring finger and studied my engagement ring. He then wanted to know when he could have it. (My first thought was that I wasn’t planning on dying soon) I asked him why he wanted my ring and he said that he wanted to give it to his BFF R as they are getting married. He’s going to have to wait quite a while before he can pry my rings from my cold, dead fingers.

That very same night Isabel farted and announced that it was by far the stinkiest fart she had ever made (Mom!  Smell my fart!) and how proud she was of that fart. She can be quite a tomboy, I’m contemplating enrolling her for karate just to channel that energy of hers.

My folks were over for lunch yesterday and for some reason we were set upon by about 100 000 flies.  There were none at all and the minute we sat down at the table they descended upon us the crafty little buggers.  So we lit citronella candles and kept waving them away (we really need one of those tennis racket fly electrocution thingymajigs by the way) and Isabel pipes up: Die Donnerse vlieë!

Oops.  Cue awkward silence.

And Mignon?  Mignon is a little like Ashwin Kumar (the Dad from the BBC talk show The Kumars at No 42).  He always had these random little stories that didn’t really have an end.  For example, last night we were having our usual Sunday night feast (toasted pitas with cheese and bacon) and she pipes up: Mom!  Did you know that my teacher’s baby’s name is Sonika?

May you have an awesome week and you may manage to keep the donnerse flies at bay.

Ps: reason number 411 877 you shouldn’t ever run in the house:  Etienne challenged the kids to a race to the bathroom this weekend to brush their teeth and Mignon fell around the first corner and Isabel tripped in the passage and literally bounced off a bedroom doorway and is now sporting a bigass purple bruise on her hip, poor baby.  ALL my children..

3 thoughts on “Random things our kids say”

  1. Don’t you just love the farts :)))

    Kiara is the queen of random stories – lol she will also pipe up and share some random piece of info.

    LOVE Daniel wanting your ring 🙂

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