Reality bites

This morning I did what I do every morning first thing and checked twitter (can you say addict?).  I woke up to the horror of the earthquake in Christchurch.

We have a good friend that lives there with his wife and baby boy.  He called us last week to have a catch-up and ask for advice about reflux  as they are really battling.  He also mentioned in passing that they were finally going to have their house fixed after the damage of the December Earthquake.

Tonight he doesn’t have a house and neither does his parents.  In fact, they have nothing.  Everything is destroyed.

But they are all alive.  Shocked and devastated, but alive.

Dear friend, we send you all our love and strength and wish we could offer you our home and all our stuff to share.  We have you in our thoughts constantly and wish you were just down the road so we could do something physical to help!

5 thoughts on “Reality bites”

  1. Sjoe…puts so much into perspective for me. I am so sorry for what your friend is going through. Sterkte to him and his family. Will keep them in my thoughts.

  2. Sjoe, the devastation caused by this earthquake has been dreadful. So sorry that your friend and his family have lost their homes. My dad’s cousin lives there and their house is seriously cracked. Still waiting to have it assessed to see if it is safe to move back into. They are staying with their son and his family in the mean time. Really makes you count your blessings.

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