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This post turned into a bit of a Tech post, apologies to those of you that come here for stories on snot and poop and general wiseassery, normal programming will resume shortly. Plus, I had to write a post so I could stick some code in which I hope I don’t mess up in all my Technophobic glory.

In most people’s lives using a reader isn’t a big deal, but it stresses me out having my mailbox full so I have used Google Reader for the longest time.  Last week we heard that Google will be retiring their Reader as of 1 July and a whole lot of us were a little freaked out.

At my age I’m starting to realise that sometimes I am a little change averse.  I mean, I love my Google Reader.  But, big girl panties and all that, let’s move right along.

Thanks to twitter (click here and click here for an article about other options) and the rest of the Mommy Blogging posse there are a few options available for those of us that prefer to stick our toes into the bliss of our favourite blogs at odd times of the day and I’ve looked at several of the options.

I need a reader option that is

  • purely for blogs so I can go to one place and find what I need, using apps like Feedly and Flipboard just didn’t do it for me, I was very confused when I first tried them (and Feedly keeps losing the blog feed)
  • available for PC and iPad as I use both
  • simple, easy to use and not too fancy.  I don’t do fancy or complicated as I don’t blog for a living and I’m no Tech expert.

So, after much to-ing and fro-ing I’m going to try Bloglovin, purely because it looks like something I could get used to. However, if you read only on tablet you should try Blogshelf, it’s beautiful.  The only reason I’m not using it is because I can’t use it on PC as far as I can see. (thanks to Tamiya for the suggestion!)

The only other reader that appealed to me was NewsBlur, but they have suspended all new free accounts for now and it’s not as clean as Reader. It sldo feels a little, well, industrial.  BUT I liked that I could import all my blogs from Reader, no mess no fuss.

How will you be reading your favourite blogs come 1 July?
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3 thoughts on “Replacing Google Reader”

  1. I will be waiting on your “what’s the verdict” post – need to streamline a bit myself… Awesome that you’ll be doing the work 😉

  2. I have settled in quite nicely on Bloglovin. I have to admit I don’t like the fact that you have to click “mark as read” button. But other than that – really loving it!

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