Road trip!!

OK, so last day in the office today, but I still didn’t finish everything I needed to do, but luckily I only need to do a little work, so will try to get it done quickly now or tomorrow evening.

We are leaving in the morning and have been packing up a storm.  I forgot how much crap needs to go along when you have kids and we also have to lug along all the Christmas gifts.  Hubby keeps “forgetting” gifts and I keep “remembering” to pack them. How rude would it be if Father Christmas took some of the gifts to the wrong address 🙂

I had breakfast with a very dear friend this morning and indulged in a second coffee, even though I only have coffee once or twice a week these days.  By the time I got to the office I felt like I was on speed.  Heart racing, nausea, shaking hands, talking a mile a minute.  After about 2 litres of water I started feeling better. Gawd, that stuff will kill you!

And of course I woke up with a cold and sore throat this morning.  FFS.

I’ll try to pop in every now and again, but may everyone have a safe and peaceful festive season!

2 thoughts on “Road trip!!”

  1. Have a wonderful, safe trip and forget about all your other stuff like work. Just enjoy being with your family!

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