Rugby widow

I despatched hubby off to the rugby with my Dad during the girls’ naptime and arranged for my Mom to come after they normally wake up.  At 15h00.

I thought Daniel and I could spend some quality time and I could possibly wash the dishes before they woke up.

They woke up at 14h20, partly because Isabel had the WORST poo nappy I have EVER seen. Suffice it to say I had to bath her.  Amidst much protestation from Mignon that also wanted to bath. 

Then the wardrobe change. (for them both and Yes, I’m anal)

Then sweeping up all the cat food that Daniel had messed on the floor.  With my 3 little happy helpers that proceeded to spread the cat food over the entire kitchen and down the passage.

Then cleaned Daniel as he was trying to get to the RED paint when he messed the cat food, so he also almost needed a bath.

Then re-dress Mignon who has for some reason decided that she will no longer wear pants or nappies.

Then started a load of washing as absolutely everything is covered in poo.  (have I mentioned I don’t do poo??)

Is my husband EVER going to the rugby again?   Mmm.  Only if he pays me.  In actual money, sexual favours not accepted.

Must dash, have to rescue children from kitchen table, chairs and other high surfaces.

12 thoughts on “Rugby widow”

  1. I know it must have been awful for you but your descriptions make me laugh! Whenever I’m struggling with my two I just think of you managing three! Why is it that the worst poo nappy ever always happens when you’re alone!?

  2. Sterkte, the poo-cleaning phase does eventually pass… But thanks for the smile, it sounds like a complete circus — been there!

  3. I don’t mind poo – but hubby can’t do it, and this is when Connor does his best ones! When I have to leave him with hubby! As soon as I drive out the garage, his tummy goes 🙂 Mind you, I’ve dealt with some real bad ones too.

    Love your description 🙂 Especially about hubby having to pay you. In actual money 🙂 Yes please! Love your thinking 😀

  4. HAhahaahaha! Oops sorry, did I laugh out loud? I mind poo just as much as you do but this was funny. Shame man!

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