Same old school story

This post is about school for my kids.  If you follow my crazy ramlbings blog I have been bleating about this for ages.  If the topic bores you, stop reading.  Otherwise, thanks for humoring me.

I went to drop Daniel off this morning and the teacher from his old class said she wanted to talk to me.  At first I thought, who did I piss of now, but managed to pull myself towards myself and went outside to chat.

She then proceeds to ask me whether I am still sending the kids to this other Montessori school and I said yes, I have been quite honest about not being able to afford the current school – Daniel alone, full day, is over R 2000 per month already.  Yes, you better believe it.  Madness.  The child is 3 for goodness sake.

Apparently there are stories going around about this other school and problems with cleanliness.  This teacher would only have told me about this if she felt that there is a potential problem as she has also worked at this school before, so I really don’t believe that her intent was malicious.  I know how fond she is of Daniel and really only has his best interest at heart.

I also know several people that have their children in this other school, one of which is the chairperson of the parents’ committee.  So, of course I called her.  And she was understandably also very upset and is aware of these rumours.  I’m also uncomfortable as I don’t want to tell her where I got my information.

Thing is.  I have been uncomfortable about this other school.  Mostly (and this is going to sound pathetic) because their garden isn’t as nice as the other school’s I thought.  But then, maybe it is my gut saying No, don’t send your kids there?  I thought I was done with all the angst about this.

The weirdest thing is that I actually had a dream about the school last night.  What to do, what to do.  I’m SO bought into Montessori and I really want to give the girls what Daniel had.

9 thoughts on “Same old school story”

  1. In my book if you have doubts then you need to take a step back and think about it some more. And in my book you ALWAYS trust your gut. Good Luck.

  2. It’s a big decision, but I think if you are getting such strong gut feelings you need to listen to them.

  3. I don’t know, but if you are feeilng uneasy for whatever reason, maybe you should follow your instinct. Good luck.

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