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The poor teachers at D’s school had quite a day today. 

As I arrived I overheard one of them having this conversation, teacher sitting very close to the little boy:

Teacher: Are you ok?

Boy: Yes

Teacher: Do you think you are going to vomit

Boy: No

Teacher (moving even closer to the little boy): Are you very sure you are not going to vomit?

Boy (nods, rather uncertainly): Yes

I scuttled past them on my heels and gave them lots and lots of space. 

Then, as I was sorting out D’s bag, another teacher came in with one of the rabbits.  Apparently one of the boys threw a rock at the rabbit and hit it in the head.  Am I entitled to be a little horrified, or is this just what boys do?  I still can’t imagine D doing something like that though? 

So, rabbit went off to the vet and is staying over at one of the teachers’ house tonight as it has a concussion.  

It has just taken me ages to do this blog post as they had a program on BBC Life on the Il San Pietro Hotelin Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy.  Oh My God.  Awesome.

It reminded me, the most amazing place I’ve ever eaten was at La Chevre d’or in a village called Eze on the French Riviera.  (I was lucky enough to go to a conference in Cannes a few years ago).  It was an 8 course meal and I wished it would never end.  There were about 10 of us and we took pictures of every course.  I think they were horrified! 

Hubby and I have a dream to go back to Europe in a camper van and travel all over and go to the places we never got to and go back to some others.  Sigh.  Sometimes I really miss traveling.

Where would you like to go to?

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  1. In answer to your last question, I’d love to go to my favourite city, New York, with my boys. But I don’t think I will ever be able to afford to go there again. Still I am lucky to have travelled a lot in my life, so I can’t complain.

  2. Poor bunny… hope he recovers. And to answer your question, I’d love to go to Patagonia and maybe work my way up from there but if I had the bucks I would spend it on Patagonia.

  3. I can just picture the wide berth given to the little boy 🙂
    Poor bunny 🙁 Hope the little boy didn’t do that on purpose!
    Where would I like to go? Right now, home would be good! I wouldn’t mind going to the USA, but it would have to be a looooong holiday so we could tour all over! I hear PowerBall is R90m on Friday night. That would help 😀

  4. Poor bunny! I don’t think this is normal behaviour at all, you may be horrified without guilt!
    I would love to do a whole travel trip throughout Europe with Jess. No plans just go where the whim takes us. *sigh* if only! xxxx

  5. Throwing rocks is pretty much par for the course with little boys but not at animals. D and his 3 year-old boy cousin spent hours throwing rocks in the sea on holiday. I’d love to go to the north of Spain and walk the Camino.

  6. We would love to travel to Europe,especially along the Mediterranean and UK…Hubbie has a dream to do it on the motor bike

  7. Sounds cool, would you want to do it on a bike? It would be cheaper, but you would have to do it in summer 🙂

  8. Bruce Chatwin is my favourite travel writer of all time and I fell in love with his Patagonia – Louis Theroux also went there and I think it’s the whole our continents were connected once thing. I want to see how similar the other part of us is and also meet the remaining Afrikaner folk who lives there… At the risk of sounding like an African American celeb who comes to Africa to look for their roots – I want to go connect with the other part of our continent.

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