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It’s official: we are definately going to move Daniel to another school.

Besides last week’s little drama, we sent the school an email requesting that they consider the following as we wanted to send the twins there as of 2010:
1.  their R3 000 deposit per child
2.  their school fees that are R 1265 per month for 12 months of the year for HALF DAY (if we were to send Daniel full day it would have cost R1870 per month EXCLUDING lunch!)
3.  the fact that they close at 16h30 every day and are based over 2 sites, so we would need to drive around like lunatics ever afternoon.

They have now come back and declined to assist us in any way.

So, they are suggesting that we pay a total of an additional R6 000 deposit plus R 5940 per month for 12 months of the year.  Oh, and we can send the kids to holiday camp about 3 weeks during the various school holidays, but that is an additional R335 per week per child.

So, a whopping R74 295 in school fees for a year for 3 children plus a R6 000 non-refundable deposit.

I have done some research lately and all the other schools in our area accomodate you in some way, either during the deposit stage/ payment only of 10 months of the year/not charging for holiday camps etc.

I’m not “snoep” and I obviously want only the best for my kids, but surely this is a bit overboard?  They are a lovely school, don’t get me wrong, but that seriously is a tad above my means.

Thoughts please??

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  1. WOW, that’s a lot of money!

    We’re paying R1147 per month (both kids) for 12 months and that includes a 10% discount for the second child. From 6:30 to 17:30. Including breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. We do have to help with fundraisers, etc, but the price seems to be average for the north of Pretoria.

    PS: deposit is equal to one months school fees and it’s refundable.

  2. As far as i know my friend pays full for the first child and half for the other two? I think that is a good rule to have for any school! 🙂 good luck, i hope you find something suitable for your fam…

  3. Scary stuff! The school we are looking at only charges for 10 months and is only closed for 3 weeks over Xmas period.

  4. Bloody hell that is a whopping amount my 3 cost us about 24600 for the whole year and one is a High School ,one at Primary and other in a play group.What do they need R3000 deposit per kid for.All seems bit over the top to me.We live in Durbanville and our schools are quite expensive but compared to yours a bargain

  5. My son’s school fees are similar per month (R1290) but that is for the whole day (7:30 – 5:30) and includes lunch and snacks and they only close for three weeks over Christmas so the rest of the school holidays are included. There also was no deposit and babies, toddlers and Grade R are all in the same place.

  6. Thanks to everyone for the comments – I forgot to mention that we also need to pack lunch, otherwise we can pay an additional R1400 per term per child for lunch…

  7. Good luck, it’s such a balance finding a school (or two) you can be happy with — but still afford.

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