Sick child and a little brag

Adele has very graciously published some more of my crazy ramblings. Thanks Adele, you rock!

Then, I’m having my latest angst attack about being a bad mother.

We decided that this year we were going to go the holistic route and stay as far away from antibiotics as possible.  So, we have been going to a lovely Homeopath that has really taken care of us very well.

Lately Isabel has been battling to eat on the right hand side of her mouth and we were pretty sure it was molars.  Then the runny nose started and a couple of days later the cough.  Which we kept an eye on until the cough got worse.  And then she didn’t sleep very well on Saturday or Sunday night.  So we carted her off to get it sorted. 

Diagnosis as we thought, molars, but the Homeopath was concerned about her right lung.  Her right eye, sinus and lung were affected.

Throughout the day yesterday hubby doctored her, but last night she spiked a 38.7 fever with a lovely little vomit session at 2am,  so first thing this morning I was on the phone.  More drops and powders.

Once again we monitored her during the day and the coughing had subsided and she seemed happier.  By tonight she was very unhappy once again, so I took her temperature.  39.2.  Fuck.  Back on the phone to the doctor.  We ended up giving her a Voltaren suppository and spunged her down and the fever is down for now.  And we agreed that if she spikes again during the night she will be carted off to the Pediatrician.

In my heart I am happy for now with not taking her straight to a GP or the Pead, but I am wondering how much longer I should leave it before I give it up.  It just breaks my heart to give them all those heavy medicines that all the mainstream doctors write up..

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  1. I was just telling Minki that I’m so grateful to have such a healthy child. The Beast only ever had hectic pain and fevers with his teething and one episode of tonsilitis. I am way too much of an instant gratification/low pain threshold/no patience to try things the holistic way. I suppose if T’s health changes and I’m spending more time at docs I would reconsider.

  2. PS: Has the spotty pyjamas dilemma been solved? Been a bit absent what with Easter deadlines — sorry if you’ve posted about the end of the dilemma and I missed it.

  3. Shame Tania!! My son’s primary doc is also a homeopath/GP. Our first line of care is always natural, but we always went the conventional route with high fevers, while trying to stay away from antibiotics. With a fever that keeps going higher, I would say get her to a doc ASAP – the only thing that ever got my son’s fever up that much was ear infection or tonsilitis, but this sounds serious. Good Luck…..

  4. We also struggled with this dilemma for some time because Miles had a lot of chest infections and was in hospital a couple of times with it and I hated the whole antibiotics/cortisone thing. In the end he grew out of it, thank goodness. Holding thumbs for you.

  5. Strongs on the sick kiddy, nothing ever freaked me out more than high fevers in tiny kids. tough question but I think i agree with hopeful mom. when the fever’s that high – go old school. ps love the ramblings. letting some deep emotions out there huh.
    hugs and kisses.xx

  6. Being an offspring of two hippie parents, the natural route was the only route and I still try to maintain this in my own household. Homeopathic medicine do take a bit longer to show results than the conventional, but the benefits to the health of your kids makes it worth it.

    Only exception for me will be very high fever, and of course if she’s bleeding by the gallons I will not mix up a batch of Chikatha leaves and patchouli oil, but call in the docs.

    Good luck, and well done for staying away from the antibiotics.

  7. Oh shoot! I didn’t. Well whatever happens now will be retribution for my smugness! πŸ™‚

  8. I wish I could do natural schmatural but I am too afraid. My toddler tends to deteriorate very, very quickly. I am also very instant gratification and need to see results at the very least within 24 hours. I do admire people who have the patience for it and stand by it no matter what. I am considering going this route for my Toddlers eczema and my older boy’s sinus/hay fever issues.I’m currently looking around for a homeopath person. I’m trying to find someone by word of mouth but it seems like I’m going to have to Google someone. May I ask who you are using?

  9. Hey you, homeopath is cheaper that normal doc, has definitely worked for me. Except for the damn pneumonia of course..
    Antoinette Daphne, 021 975 5957, she’s great!

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