Working from home today as I have to take our washing to my Mom’s house seeing as how ‘we’ are waiting for the washing machine to be fixed. 

So far I have managed to finish the Pick and Pay shopping, a pack of Lay’s lightly salted, a pack of Jelly Tots, 3 cups of coffee, eff up the 15 minute chocolate cake and a lot of tweets.  And only now leaving to go and do washing and have to be at the homeopath with Daniel at 15h00 with hectic exzema acting up.  But I’ll turn off the fun before I leave 🙂

Going well hey?

19 thoughts on “Snort.”

  1. Um. Ja. Make sure that fun is turned off!
    I haven’t left the house today – waiting for underfloor heating persons to come fix @ 10am. Urm, what’s the time now? 2pm? Only 4 hours late – good going. I’ve done 2 cups of coffee (2nd one with a friend who called in), a can of Coke (the cooldrink), 6 Adco-Dol, 2 Synap Forte, 2 Dicloflam, leftover spag bol, NO SWEETS or chips (a huge plus), still have migraine. Designed business cards. 5 loads of washing. Car service is going to cost R3000.

    Going equally well this end of SA too 🙂

  2. Don’t know yet, will do a post later. It is really, really bad and it’s not even summer?? Luckily we still had some Sutherlandia in the house last night otherwise we wouldn’t have slept at all. Poor baby.

  3. Jirre, if the synap fortes don’t sort out a migraine you’re in trouble. Are you still standing?

  4. Yip, still standing! But it’s hurting my head to keep it upright! If these farking floor idiots would hurry up, I’d call in at the doc for a jab… It’s Desperate Housewives tonight – I WILL stay awake! Synap’s usually knock a migraine right out – I take them as last resort (limited supply). But today? Nada. Hasn’t even made a small dent in this pain.
    Ho hum… Did I mention it’s Desp. Housewives tonight? Motivation.

  5. Shame man. It’s all that work stress that’s finally catching up to you me thinks. Please find me on FB?

  6. Thanks! Problem with all petroleumbased products is that it apparently leaves a layer on the skin which ‘traps’ the moisture and makes it worse in the long run. Who really knows, anyway?

  7. Sounds like a typical day for a working from home mum! Don’t forget to turn off all that fun you’ve been having. Hope the homeopath can help Daniel’s eczema – poor thing!

  8. Wow – hectic day. Gotta admit, those Engrish things are sooo funny (pun intended) :oD
    Following on from what Mrs C said I found, purely by accident, that Bennets Bum Cream cleared up my little girl’s eczema. It left completely within 48 hours and never came back to the extent that she had been suffering. Now when she starts getting it at change of season (any season) I simply stop it in its tracks with Bennets Bum Cream and haven’t looked back. Good luck!
    By the way: she hasn’t suffered now for 5½ years.

  9. Heyyyyy, I was still in here, turn that fun back on! Hope the homepath can help you get the eczema under control.

  10. OMW what a day……..must give you some of MK Hopes Relief cream for eczema… will be a changed person after you use it,it is AMAZING

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