Snot and Birthdays

It is hubby’s birthday today!  Happy, happy birthday my hero, love you madly!  You are amazing!

All 3 our children woke with crusty snotty noses this morning.  Overnight they all got sick.  Not sick enough to keep at home (shudder at the mere thought!!), but snotty enough to have to deal with sooner rather than later.

So, I made an appointment at the homeopath and had to take both the girls.  They decided to cling to my legs so I could barely walk, but I also had to hold on to my pants as they were being pulled down.  Then, having one leg each wasn’t good enough.  Oh noooo, let’s fight about the legs and each try to claim both legs.  (I mean really, there really is enough of me to go around)  So, it was a pushing and shoving and screaming fight in the FULL waiting room with everyone pretending like they weren’t staring.

A friend called tonight and I thought she had called to wish hubby a happy birthday, but we got talking and then she was telling me how she has changed cellphones and she is forever forgetting people’s birthdays and how bad she feels.  And then we carried on talking and I eventually clicked that she actually called to confirm dates for childrens’ parties in March, not to wish hubby a happy birthday. 

And then it was too late to say “aahhh, you must be calling to wish hubby a happy birthday”.  So I left it. Man is she going to feel bad when she finds out, but there was just no graceful way to let her know..

Going to bed early, have to get up and go to a 6h00 Pilates class, can’t wait!

17 thoughts on “Snot and Birthdays”

  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely husband. Hope the homeopathic muti sorts out all the noses! You are far too tactful, worrying about letting your friend know gracefully. I tend to go for the full-frontal “Well, honey, here’s another one to feel bad about, it’s hubby’s birthday today.” You’re clearly a much nicer person than I am. And you are looking forward to a 6am Pilates class. I can see sainthood approaching fast!

  2. Happy birthday to your hubby! I’d usually just say, “by the way, it’s …’s birthday” and not worry whether they have guilt issues about remembering. Life’s too short.

    Snot: Elder flower tea has once again proved itself in its full anti-flu-viral glory. and for sinus a good alternative I’ll try this winter is a “shnoz” pot… but maybe not for kids, or as a last resort.

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby.
    So sorry but the vision of the girls fighting over your legs has given me such a chuckle this morning! Hope the snotties go away quickly. xxxx

  4. Happy birthday to Daddy of the Raucous Rouxs – who seems to be living up to their reputation pretty well! LOL at the pic of them clinging to you. A very good friend of mine called me on my birthday and also had a long chat about something big happening in her life and I was waiting for the usual ‘hey, let’s go drink tequila tonight to celebrate your birthday, Shells’ but none was forthcoming. As we were saying goodbye I said, what? no Happy birthday Shells?’ kakakaka – she couldn’t stop apologising.

  5. Had to chuckle at the pulling the pants down – I also suffer from that! At least it forces me to wear “decent” broeks every day as they’re usually being exposed by Connor! LOL 🙂

    I know how you feel about trying to tactfully remind someone about a birthday! I do it to my friend all the time!

    Good luck with the snots! And hope Pilates was fun 🙂

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