Socca Feva!

Up to last night I would quite happily have let most of the WC fever have passed me by.  If it weren’t for my hubby I probably would never have bothered to buy a ticket and go to a match. 

I would have missed out on SO much, I am a convert!

The spirit of everyone walking in the rain in the closed off Green Point Main Road, blowing their Vuvu’s.  The way you feel when you walk into the stadium and see the pitch for the first time.  The Mexican wave.  The sheer electricity in the air when 62 000 people gasp as one when a goal is scored or missed. 

AMAZING.  I can’t wait for the Netherlands/Cameroon game!!

And of course, as we arrive at our row of seats, there are our next door neighbours sitting 3 seats down from us!

Here some pics:

My first view inside

The rain

The stalls on the way out on Main Road

If you don’t have tickets, do yourself a favour, you’ll never regret it!

17 thoughts on “Socca Feva!”

  1. ahhh you’ve given me goosebumps. So excited for tonight – we’re going to Brazil vs Korea at Ellis Park. Freezing up here but I’m ready! Great article thanks!

  2. Wow so cool,amazing feeling.Glad we were able to see the stadium while it was still under construction

  3. Am so jealous. Glad you had a great time. Pictures are awesome. We are totally into the soccer in our house at the moment. We are literally eating, breathing, sleeping, googling soccer.
    Going to the fan park on Saturday with our older boy. Can’t wait!!!

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