Some loose thoughts

1.  I changed a really baaaad nappy with the accompanying nappy rash tonight and was a little surprised by it, but remembered just in time that it probably is a teething nappy.  Oooh, can’t wait, forgot how much fun that always is.  And this time it’s a double dose!  I see a few trips to M-Kem for their “tandekry medisyne” in my near future.  Poor babies.

2.   Why do 2.5 year olds shriek?  And how do I make it stop??  Tonight it was all about the unpronounceable “ice monkey” Daniel wanted to watch.  No, it wasn’t Ice Age and no, it wasn’t any of the Baby Einsteins.  Go figure.  It does my head in that they look like their little hearts are breaking when you just don’t get what they are saying.  Even unpacking ALL of the DVD’s didn’t help.  Whatever, Cbeebies worked fine in the end.  His school teacher has always said that he is the least frustrated 2 yr old she had seen in years.  I think he was a late starter. 

3.  Going off to a management thing tomorrow for the night.  Feeling REALLY guilty for leaving hubby with 3 kids under the age of 3, but think it will do me a world of good.  It comes complete with a 2 hour drive home by myself.  Always great thinking time for me, don’t have much of that these days.

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