Some people’s children

To say I am tired would be an understatement.  I am finished.  You know when your brain feels like cotton wool and you can’t even think straight?  THAT’s how tired I am. 

I’m first tri-mester pregnancy tired. 

Partied hard until 3am and totally hung over the next day tired. 

Having worked 24 hours straight tired.

But I think you get the message.

Hubby also started up with a cold a couple of days ago (NO, not the darned pig flu!) and now I am following suit.  During the night last night I got a shove in the back and he was complaining that he could hear me snore all the way in Daniel’s room.  Hehehehe, sick, but funny

Anyhoo, I had a rather horrifying day at work, and rushed off to collect Daniel.  I arrive at the school and whilst I am packing up Daniel’s stuff the teacher takes a call and is whispering on the phone to someone.  As I’m walking out the door she informs me that the principal called her to tell her that a parent “expressed concern” over Daniel’s cough. Grrr, at which point my sleep-deprived, pissed off brain kind of went loopy and I said that the parent would need to wind his or her neck in, but thanks for the feedback.  She was quite cool about it, she knows that his allergies are acting up and he is on medication.  Besides the fact that half the class is coughing.

I get that people are a bit paranoid at the moment, but that seriously was just the last straw for me today.  I called the poor teacher on the way and apologised if I was rude.  Come on people!

11 thoughts on “Some people’s children”

  1. paranoia abounds…my 3 darling savages were convinced they had the “Swine” last week…now they are bouncing around, healthy as…er…pigs? lol

  2. I would be furious. There are plenty of sick kids at my sons school usually, and the teachers dont send them home “because their parents dont have anyone to look after them” but now because of all the swine flu paranoia, every sniffle gets analysed, and treated with suspicion. They have 4 posters up of the symptoms of swine flu, so all the parents are getting paranoid now too. Eish!!

  3. I want to know why it is that these kind of parents complain about other kids and do absolutely nothing when their darlings are sick! How stupid does this Mother think you are, you would be the first one to keep Daniel home if he was really sick. (Hug) if that helps. xx

  4. I think every sniffle and cough is suspect at the moment! Hope you all feel better again soon!
    I know that ‘tired’. It’s gonna hit me at about 1:30pm today *yawn*

  5. Everyone is a bit paranoid at the moment.
    Hopefully it will all be over very soon.
    Have a great weekend and feel better soon.
    My allergic one is still coughing up a lung or two and she is not sick

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