Something’s been bothering me

We have this book from the library at the moment for the kids that we absolutely love:

It’s a book about opposites and it’s been a really fun way for the kids to learn them.  We love all her books, especially Hooray for Fish.  I do however have a little something that bugs me about this book:

I was reading to the girls last night and replaced “fat” with “large” just as Etienne passed by the door on his way to read to Daniel.  He thought it was absolutely hilarious and that I was being ridiculous.

I don’t know.  Maybe I am just overly sensitive because of all the weight I need to loose (she says whilst munching on a twix), but I feel a tad uncomfortable about the actual word “fat” is the book.

Also, I live in fear that we will be in the shops and one of my darling children will shout out “Look Mommy!  There’s a Maisy Fat Lady”.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Something’s been bothering me”

  1. Oh I agree – I had a real talk to the Princess the other day about calling one of her friends’ mommies fat (ok, but fat might be an understatement in this case – but still not good manners – the woman is in fact huge and can hardly walk)

  2. Aha! Totally agree. We have this book, and we love it, but it was the first place my eldest daughter was confronted with the word. I changed it to chubby which is what we were calling the baby in a very affectionate way at the time but ja, it felt uncomfortable.

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