Spot the difference

Nanny dressed the girls in the same outfits on Friday, guess who is who??

Ok, just kidding, not even I know the answer to that one!!  Try this one:

I’m only popping in quickly, was told by the doc to stay away from computers and TV for a couple of days due to an eye infection that doesn’t want to clear up!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, will catch up soon!

9 thoughts on “Spot the difference”

  1. Let’s try: Isabel left, Mignon right. My reasoning, you said in a prev post Isabel will eat anything, look at the plate, almost empty, as her sister’s is hardly touched.
    Right? No?

  2. hope your eye gets better soon … i have NO idea who is who but am willing to throw my hat in with Minki and luddite 🙂

  3. Erm, ummm, okay I give up! I can see a difference between the two, but still have no idea!

    Hope your eye clears up soon!

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