This is my year for de-cluttering my life (and my body for that matter) and to this end I have been spring cleaning little nooks and crannies of my house and my mind.

It takes 10 minutes to clean up that little corner at the fireplace where the magazines have been gathering dust since 2005 (and the instant gratification knows no end), but it’s a whole different story to try and convince yourself that all that emotional baggage you carry around it just actually weighing you down.  And then to take the action to move beyond the emotional barrier and Just Do It already dammit.

I decided to start walking to burn some of that negative energy, kilojoules and generally clear my mind and have now been doing so for almost 2 weeks.  Wow.  I am feeling so much better, I want to klap myself for not doing it sooner.  Coupled with my re-visitation of the Patrick Holford eating plan I’m hoping to look like the million bucks I’m worth soon.

The biggest things I’ve learnt in the last couple of weeks?

  1. It took a long time to create that image of myself that I don’t particularly like
  2. My bathroom scale is a lying bitch.  I can feel the difference in my clothes but the scale is stuck.

Anyhoo, onward and up those hills  I go, one day at a time.

ps: Started doing the childrens’ playroom today and took some ‘before’ pics.  Man but there’s a lot of crap in there!  Will finish in the next day or so and post them all with the tips my friend Chloe gave me.  She does this kind of thing for fun.

pps: If you know of anywhere I can send some nice wooden educational toys that need them desperately, please leave me a comment?  Ta.

8 thoughts on “Springcleaning”

  1. Remember our Dory Mantra “Just keep swimming”
    One pile at a time….

    What about Red Cross children’s hospital for the puzzles?

    1. Great idea, I’ll remember for next time, this lot ended up going to a disadvantaged farm pre-school in the area.

  2. Good to spring clean,especially ourselves….you go girl,you will soon see results and the million dollar chick you are!

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