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It would seem that we are now over the worst of the impromptu top-and-bottom deliveries, but wait: THE SNOT has kicked in.  My little girls are soooo unhappy 🙁

I’ll spare everyone the ugly details..

According to our Pead runny noses apparently happens with Gastro.  Anyone care to comment?

Daniel is also coughing up a storm, apparently that’s yet another bug going around in the CT area.  Anyone aware of this?

Our domestic goddess goes on leave tomorrow for 2 weeks.  I did a mad rush to the shops this avie to finish my Christmas shopping (managed to buy before now for everyone except hubby?!@*&)

I really feel like I’m sucked dry emotionally and I’ve only been on leave for a week.  I cannot move without having a child attached to me in some way, be it attached to my hip, on my lap or hanging onto my leg (did I mention that the girls are standing and cruising at 9 months?)  Normally they are fine and don’t get me wrong, we are a very loving and affectionate family, but when kids are ill they are very, very needy and where I am normally a very organised person, I just don’t seem to get anything done at the moment.  And just sometimes I really enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

How do stay-at-home moms do it?  If there are any Dads reading this post that are married to one, she deserves BIG diamonds, lots of help and a break every once in a while. 🙂

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  1. As a stay-at-home mom I think that the working moms deserve diamonds for sure. I admire how you can run a home, family and still have a job outside the home!

    My only real gripe about staying at home is the lack of personal space. Sometimes it gets to me a bit, but most of the time you just deal with it 🙂

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