We started the kids on swimming lessons recently and I am amazed at the progress.

I must confess, I did have my doubts about how much little ones can learn once a week, but I am so chuffed.  Daniel was sitting on the edge of the pool today scrunching his eyes up when she was trying to teach him to close his eyes and hold his breath.  The facial expression was too cute for words.  (No, no picture as I was also in the pool at the time.)

He has also almost mastered “speedboat arms” and “froggy legs” and is so proud of himself.

The girls are putting their faces in the water and blowing bubbles and are generally fearless, we really have to watch them as they just jump into the pool at random.  Poor nanny has to run laps around the pool trying to catch them.

Isabel is climbing out of the pool very nicely and Mignon puts her entire head underwater.  All 3 of them rock!

On the way home Daniel discovered the CD book and we ended up listening to Live, Tracy Chapman, Bon Jovi, The August Rush soundtrack and, very briefly, ABBA.  And then we reverted back to Lollos.  It was like a 10 second challenge 🙂

I realised that we used to listen to a lot of music.  We enjoy pretty much everything and I think children should grow up with music, but lately we have been bad about it.  When I was pregnant we were so obsessed with listening to classical music because baby hears it in the womb and now, when they can really hear it well, we don’t play any!

They were running amok the other night and I put some Mozart on and they actually calmed down.  It was really amazing to see.

Do you listen to music?  Do you play your children music?

11 thoughts on “Swimming”

  1. We’ve Michael Jackson on repeat at the moment. Makes a nice change from Hannah Montana. Great news on your waterbabies

  2. Great news with the swimming, the kids are doing beautifully.
    Music is not my thing, but Jess does like it and plays all sorts. She even likes some of my music! xx

  3. Yay for your waterbabies. Thomas is IN to music. I have a playlist that we play for him at bed time and his fave is Moon Shadow – Cat Stevens, Fields of Gold and Songbird by Eva Cassidy and Dixie Chicks — Lullaby. DH has been playing lots of Johnny Clegg in anticipation of the concert on Sunday and Thomas now sings along to Impi – lots of words tumbling out – even the Zulu ones!

  4. Mine all love music,but with a teen around our taste is different to your lot…we are on The Black eyed Peas at the moment

  5. Truly amazing how quickly they learn in the water! Well done to all of you (especially you for getting in the water with them! I wouldn’t consider that at all)! I’m also quite amazed at Tristan’s progress at his new swim school!

    We also used to listen to a lot of music, and hubby still loves having Trace/Mtv/VH1 on TV! I just listen to the radio now. Tristan loves We Will Rock You by Queen, so I often play that CD in the car. Otherwise, it’s nursery rhyme CD’s. Very embarrassing when you pull into the work parking lot, still singing Humpty Dumpty at the top of your voice because you forgot to switch the CD off!

    Hubby and I are going to the Killers concert – I’m feeling quite cool about that! But I’ve a feeling I’ll be feeling quite old on the night!

  6. Haha, I’ve also been caught with “saai die waatlemoen”
    We are also going to the Killers, can’t wait!

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