Party Harty

Dear friends of ours are out from Ireland and they took us out to a lovely, lovely supper last night.

Those of you that have kids will know that there’s some juggling of schedules and arrangement of babysitters required to have a simple night out.  Up to now Etienne and I have had the odd date-night where we quietly slip out the door at 8pm when the kids are meant to be settling in for the night, but only after the whole dinner and bath routine is done.  Because with 3 of them you can’t just have a single person taking care of them, you need a couple of pairs of hands at the best of times.

Not that they are difficult or anything, I mean our children are after all the most beautiful and clever and well behaved children EVER.  They just talk so very very very much.  Non-stop.  But I digress.

Last nights’ arrangement was early pre-dinner drinks at their swanky CBD apartment followed be supper at Societi Bistro which meant we had to leave by 5pm.

I felt a little guilty and very thrilled at the same time to be missing out on the whole night-time routine, but it was so worth it.  I did catch myself trying not to have TOO good a time – how weird is that?

Why am I telling you all this? Well, we have tickets to the U2 concert on 18 February and are considering staying over in town and gaspshockhorror it would be the first night we would ever spend away from all our children in almost 3 years.

We have some options, but I would like to know what your thoughts are:

1.  Divide them up and send Daniel to one set of Grandparents and Mignon and Isabel to the other (sending all 3 children to one set of Grandparents is not an option)


2.  Get our FABULOUS babysitter to stay over with the children in our house.  She is also a teacher at their school, so they know her very well and are all completely in love with her.  She would be more than capable to take care of them.

We really need a night away from our children, much as we love them.  We need to have a lie-in lazy morning with no-one jumping on us at 6h30.  Not that we’d be able to sleep late, we’d probably be ready to leave at 7am we’d miss them so much, but hey.

What do you think?

ps: Go and have a meal at Societi Bistro, they are lovely and the food was great.  Our waitress even helped us find our friend’s wedding ring that flew off his finger, out the window and into the bushes outside.  Hilarious!

pps:  The nominated party theme of the day is Ariel 3.  I shit you not.  I suspect my children are in for a nasty surprise come birthday time…

ppps:  No, I’m not handing out the number of our babysitter.  She’s MINE.