About Bianca

One of my favorite things about having dinner together as a family is the random conversations we have.

Take tonight for example:

The girls are in separate ballet classes and it is concert week, so everything ballet-related is very much front of mind.

Mignon: Mom, Bianca from my ballet class is really nice.
Isabel: Yes, Bianca has gold bangles.
Me: Who is Bianca?
Isabel: She is in Mignon’s ballet class (with a look of disdain on her face that I clearly didn’t get the memo about exactly who Bianca is)

Etienne and I had a good chuckle and left it for a few minutes.

Me: Girls, who is Bianca?
Girls: Bianca has Barbie bangles. And a Hello Kitty necklace. Can we have a Hello Kitty necklace pleeeeeaase?

So, there you have it folks. Bianca has gold bangles and Barbie bangles and a Hello Kitty necklace and she’s in Mignon’s ballet class.

Consider yourself informed.

Ps I seem to have volunteered myself to help at the concert tomorrow night along. Hold me?