The obligatory first day of school post


Before we discuss the spectacularly uneventful and drama-deprived first day of Grade 1 and the girls’ Grade 00 (fledglings) I should tell you about Isabel this morning.

Before we left for school I went to the loo and as I got up to zip my pants Isabel asks me ‘Mamma, hoekom is jou magie so vet?’ (Mom, why is your stomach so fat?). When I managed to gather my dignity off the bathroom floor I explained that she, Daniel and Mignon all came our my tummy. But not at the same time of course. There was a moment when she looked like she wasn’t going to accept that perfectly (!!) good reason for not having a concave stomach, but then she smiled and nodded. Phew.

How was our morning? Amazing. We were on time, no-one was shouting, there were no tears and no hysterical clinging to legs. And that’s just me.

We all walked Daniel to his class where he had no problem waving us off after a little spell of uncertainty. Etienne and I then walked the girls to their class where Mignon immediately hugged her new teacher and Isabel dodged the hug (not that into affection that child) and headed straight for all the cool stuff in the class. We hung around for a while, dispensed many hugs, kisses and high fives. They then discovered some play dough and promptly dismissed us.

Etienne and I were a little, well, bemused. As first school days go this was a complete breeze. He is dropping off for the rest of the week, so lets hope the good luck continues!

How was your first day of school?

Ps. My Mother, bless her, bought each of our children a microphone for Christmas. And a guitar for Daniel. Aren’t we lucky? This is how lucky we are:

First day of school – 2012

We officially survived the first day of school yesterday and I am very relieved!

Our lovely helper (I hate using the word Au-Pair as it feels like it puts us in a certain category, which could not be further from the truth as my grey hair and unmanicured nails will testify to) started on Monday so she had a chance to settle in.

We sent Daniel off to holiday camp at his new school with his BFF on Monday and Tuesday, so he had a chance to get a little aquanted with his school, but yesterday was still a big day for him.  Of our kids I worry about him the most (stop me if you’ve heard this one before), because the girls are mostly fine wherever they end up as they are always together.

First we all went to Daniel’s school so The Sussies could see his classroom and have a look around.  Here he is on the playground, thoroughly gatvol of me with the camera:

And here he is with the girls, Mignon on his right ad Isabel on his left:

As you can see, they were also rolling their eyes at me.  (which reminds me, Isabel has this little exasperated sound she makes these days, too funny)

I left Etienne in charge of The Big Goodbye and the Girls and I went off to their new school.  Here they are, humoring me in the road.  I don’t know how they put up with me 🙂

Incidentally, I had to take 6 pics to get this one, and still Mignon refused to look at me.

And finally, here they are, playing at their school.  I even managed to get both of them to look at me AT THE SAME TIME.

How did your first days go?