The inevitable visit to the ENT and some advice please?

About 2 weeks ago Daniel’s tonsils flared up for the third time this year, which of course meant a course of antibiotics and Etienne and I decided that it was time for Daniel’s (and our) first visit to the ENT.  It’s not just the tonsils though, his allergies are really really bad this year and his eczema has flared up in a big way.  I also realised that I should stop shouting at him for eating with his mouth open as his nose is probably too blocked to eat any other way.

We have also been worried about his hearing, although to be honest, we wrote it off to him just not listening and have been insisting that he look at us when we speak to him.

But the cherry on top was a weird thing started happening to him: his eyes would swell shut completely for no apparent reason.  It only happened 2 or 3 times, but we figured out this week that he is probably allergic/intolerant to eggs.  He hates eggs, has never eaten them and won’t even sit next to you when you eat them, but lately he has taken to eating baby potatoes with mayonnaise.  That contains egg. (the potato/mayo thing is of course ALL Etienne’s fault)

So, off we went to see the ENT yesterday, fully expecting to have his tonsils removed.  As it turns out, we are going for the whole hog (I would have said trifecta, if it weren’t for the fact that there are 4 things) : sinus flush, adenoids, tonsils and grommets.  His ears are so full of gunk that he actually cannot hear us; it’s not just that he isn’t listening to us.  Aren’t we just awesome parents?  I know, you’re just dying to give us an award, aren’t you!

While he is under the doctor will also draw blood and do a comprehensive allergy test.  I shudder to think what the results are going to be, he is already so limited in what he can have.  But, we will do what we always do: we will adapt, come what may.

We are booked to go in on the 19th and he is only getting done in the afternoon, so I’m looking at a long day with a hungry and grumpy child.  Apparently I’m also meant to go into theatre with him when they put him under, which I was going to try and do anyway, but I would honestly rather stick pens in my eyes.  The ENT himself is very cool and really good with Daniel, so at least that’s not something I have to be too worried about.

I’m very nervous as this is the first time one of our kids has to have an anesthetic, so I need some advice please, any advice is welcome!

What advice could you give me about what to do in hospital and afterwards?  What should they eat and not eat?  How long are you meant to keep them home?  Anything else I need to look out for?

An Epic Parenting Fail


I have made the most epic of all epic parenting mistakes. Ever.

Daniel hasn’t been well. It started with a sinus thing and skipped along into his chest. We both had a sinus/bronchitis thing this week and where I slowly got better, he just got worse despite being on Antibiotics and was coughing for most of last night.

So, another day at home and another doctor’s appointment and another script later we were hoping for the best.

And then. It hit me like a ton of bricks. He has been eating lunch at aftercare and they have sandwiches on tap for the kids during the afternoons. And stuff like pasta and crumbed food that our son never hardly ever gets at home because of his multitude of food intolerances. (Wheat, lactose, citrus, Sulphur Dioxide, nuts and most food label items that start with an ‘E’)

We (in our infinite wisdom) decided we would not be the anal retentive OCD patents and see if he could tolerate ‘normal’ foods and only twigged on after weeks of a sick child that clearly he cannot.

I remembered that he had the same chronic sinus/cough thing before we had him tested last time and it only improved when we strictly cut out the problem foods.

Know what’s the worst? When he was presented with a glass of Creme Soda and a pizza at a party last week with Moms from The New School and I visibly cringed at the sight I felt like The Tree Hugger Mom From Hell for admitting our kids don’t know carbonated drinks and I politely zipped my lips.

So sorry my boy.