Me Time

I had booked a half-day’s leave for today ages ago as it was meant to be Daniel’s birthday party tomorrow, which we decided to postpone until next week. (Long weekend, too many people away, weather bad for what we have planned blah blah blah)

I usually take time off before parties in order to prepare and bake the shit out of many, many things, but this year he wanted some fancy schmancy TMNT cake off Pinterest* after which, watching a YouTube tutorial on how to make Michaelangelo’s head, I promptly called a local cake lady. I know my own limits. 

This meant I had an entire afternoon TO MYSELF. This is unheard of. I considered canceling the leave for about a nanosecond, but the thought of a little time to myself was just too appealing. 

 So, I made an appointment at the hairdresser and took myself off to lunch and shopping in Tygervalley. 

I did attempt feeling guilty about my children sitting at Aftercare whilst I was flitting around a shopping mall and sitting at a hairdresser for 2.5 hrs, but the strangest thing happened: there was no guilt. I loved every minute of it. 

Whilst living in the UK in the 90’s (cough splutter, 20 years ago!) I used to love doing things on my own. Going to the library in Kensington High Street, buying Pret pastries and eating them, still steaming, on the Tube platform on the way home. I worked strange hours (as you do in hotels) and hardly saw my flat mates. Those were good times.

There’s hardly any alone time these days between work and home, and I wouldn’t exchange my life now for anything, but today was cool. 

I might try it again sometime. Soon.

* note to self: keep kids off Pinterest