Tomorrow I go back to work full-day.  It’s my first job at a completely new company in almost 10 years and even though it’s a contract for now it’s still all new.  New people, new building, new route to work, new morning routine.  But I’m looking forward to the new challenge and all the people I’ll get to meet.

In the week that I’ve had to think about the change this will bring in our life as it is now I have come to quite a few realisations:

  • I instantly felt an extra rush of love/guilt for the kids.  Because as a working Mom those totally go hand-in-hand.  In some really weird way I’m looking forward to missing them.  Not that I don’t miss them during the day now, but this is different.
  • Emotionally I’m a lot better equipped now to deal with a full-time job.  The girls are bigger and they are with Daniel all day and incredibly well taken care of.
  • We have an amazing support structure.  We have Grandparents, friends and teachers.  We have the entire veritable village it takes to raise a child (or 3 in our case)
  • Maybe I’m just not meant to be a work-from-home kinda person be it right now or forever, but time will tell.
  • I have also realised that Entrepreneurs come in many shapes and forms.  You don’t have to have your own business to be entrepreneurial, you can be so within an organisation.  And that’s ok.  It was a biggie for me.
  • And lastly, this is something for me outside my family where I can make an actual difference.

I can’t wait!!