My take on Russell Brand’s politics

Far be it from me to comment on politics as (1) it’s not something I like to talk about for fear of looking stupid and (2) my Mom and Tannie Emsie told me it was bad manners to discuss politics in good company.

I’ve seen this clip of Russell Brand floating around the web the last few days and only now got around to watch it, but I’m pretty glad I did.


Here’s my take: yes, he’s a little loopy, but he makes some very valid points. He is also a very clever man, which could be why he is so loopy. I think I love him a little.

Firstly: I choose to vote. My opinion is that you cannot complain about the wrong party if you don’t vote for another party even tough you may not agree 100% with what they stand for. I’ve clung to the Starfish story for very long and plan to explain to my children that way. But I hear what he’s saying.

Secondly: All politicians are pathological liars. I have firsthand knowledge of this as the erstwhile (spectacularly publicly and humiliatingly) dumpee of a wannabe politician. They are manipulators of the worst kind.

Thirdly: I like what he says about tacit complicity. We all complain about the state of the earth, the state of education in this country. Crime. Inequality. Gender and Race bias. But what difference are we each making in our own way? I’m not saying we should all join Greenpeace and burn our bras, but what are we teaching our children about taking care of the earth? What is the use of teaching our children about questioning everything and being different if we teach them about being complicit in voting (or not voting) for who holds the future of their own children in their hands?

Lastly: the biggest problem I see with his proposed revolution is this: critical mass. We are programmed to hate politicians and whine about the state of our countries, with the only possible exception of the Scandinavian countries who seem to have the best governments in the world (but even that is probably biased)

No, I didn’t start drinking early today, I’m just thinking about what he said and that a lot of it resonates with me.

And that he can say “fuck” on public television and get away with it.

What do you think?