Too long for FB contd

Just a quick update on my post earlier this week about The Coughing Child and some random stuff.

We decided to take Isabel back to our normal GP we love this morning and thank goodness we did. The poor gal actually has bronchitis. That other after-hours doctor won’t be seeing anyone in this house again in a hurry.

At least she is on the mend, thank goodness. Thank you for all the kind comments and tweets, much appreciated.


Every night the kids have 30 minutes to play on an electronic device and only after I get home. Some nights I get home and they are huddled around the computer, some nights they are drawing up a storm and other nights I arrive to the sounds of musical statutes in the kitchen. Like last night.

The only thing that is consistent is that the first thing Daniel asks me is whether he can have the iPad. The very minute I walk in the door. He knows he is not allowed to have it before he has had a conversation with me about his day. Sometimes I make him tell me repeatedly how much he loves me. Sometimes I even demand numerous kisses and hugs, just to torture him. I’m *such* a terrible person.

The other night, much to our amusement, I am accosted by Isabel, not Daniel, and we promptly gave her the same terrible treatment of demanding conversation and affection. She humored us for a while, then excused herself and sent in her wingman, that we also sent on his merry way.

We could hear Daniel whisper from the lounge ‘Isabel, it’s your turn, go ask Mom for the iPad’.

And so it starts, the ganging up on the parentals.

Because this is too long for FB (and by default twitter). Parenting post alert.

I’m shamelessly crowd-sourcing advice.

Picture this: the girls were both coughing up a storm from early last week. By Thursday Mignon’s cough had cleared up, but Isabel’s got worse.

It’s that I’m-going-to-hack-up-a-lung cough. It is 24/7 and it is driving us insane. Well, more Etienne than me because he is a terribly light sleeper and I’m an insomniac that sleeps through almost everything once I’m actually asleep.

I took her to a GP we don’t normally see as ours wasn’t available on Saturday and SURPRIZE! left with a script for AB’s and some fancy cough medicine. It was one of those surreal conversations with the doctor:

Me: I’m worried about her chest and I had some Pulmicort, so I nebbed her last night
GP: ‘listens to chest’ Her chest is fine. (Said in that ‘you terrible Mother how dare you neb the child that clearly has nothing wrong with her chest’ voice)
Me: Er. She doesn’t feel warm, but she was looking pale and listless when I came home last night.
GP: ‘takes temperature’ She doesn’t have a temperature.
Me: I’m really worried about that cough, we’ve even tried a cough suppressant at night and that doesn’t seem to help
GP: At this point she is giving me the serious side-eye and takes out a picture of sinuses. When doctors start taking out pictures of body parts I tend to start rocking and humming in the corner. She launches into a long explanation about getting the phlegm loose and how terrible it is for them to have the cough suppressed. Which made perfect sense at the time, but all I could think of was how we (Etienne) were going to sleep until the child is better. I’m selfish that way you know, I enjoy sleeping on occasion.
Me: (yup, at this stage I was only opening my mouth to swap feet) It’s probably a good thing to dry things up too?
GP: (horror stricken) You do NOT want to dry the sinuses up! Otherwise the ‘insert big doctor words for snot here’ stays there and she doesn’t get better.

So, I did what any self-respecting Mother would do: I sucked it up and diligently bought the AB’s and fancy cough medicine.

That was on Saturday, 3 days ago. In my vast (!!) experience of dispensing AB’s I know that they tend to work between 24-48 hours. Which this hasn’t. At all. In fact, her cough is getting worse.

It has been suggested (by the ever-helpful folk on twitter) that children could cough like that because of, and brace yourself, worms. I’ll be buying the Vermox tomorrow, but I’m so over this now.

I’m not quite sure where to from here. Our regular GP? Stuff the other doctor and give the cough suppressant anyway?

What do you think?

Oh, and I nebbed her tonight. Just because I can. Judge me, I don’t care.

In snot and sleep


It might just be because it is September and our 12 year wedding anniversary is at the end of the month, but I’m feeling even more in love with Etienne than I normally do. He really is quite the keeper.

I also realized something yesterday that I have probably known all along, but just refused to accept because I somehow thought it would make me less of a Mother.

Picture this: Mignon wasn’t well over the weekend and I had my usual little anxiety attack about what we were going to do come Monday if she wasn’t well enough to go to school (this relates to a post about infertility and PND that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while, it might be time to publish that one)

The bottom line for me has always been that I, as the Mom, carry the burden of worry about sick children.

On Sunday night Etienne and I had our usual conversation about sick-child-care. We like to always have a plan (and sometimes a Plan B and C) upfront so that we have our heads around things should we need to and not be running around like decapitated chickens come Monday morning. Oh, who am I kidding, Mondays suck enough as it is.

We used to do this Plan A. B and C thing when the kids were small, a pre-arranged plan or plans especially for the nights we knew that little sleep was inevitable. And we stick to the plan, there is safety in the plan and safety of creating options for ourselves. I’m not sure if any of this makes sense?

Anyway, it finally dawned on me yesterday that I am not the only parent that worries when our babies are sick. There are TWO of us that worry and Etienne is more than capable of taking care of sick children and always has been.

How have I missed this for so long? Why did I think I had an exclusive right to being a worrier?

PS Isabel told Daniel she that was going to kill him with a fart yesterday morning. Aren’t our children just charming?

PPS Isabel is now also sick and we haven’t really slept since Friday. We are both feeling a little fragile.

Let’s talk about yesterday

If you follow me on FB or twitter you know by now that yesterday was not a particularly lovely day.

In fact, yesterday was pretty shit.

On Tuesday Isabel had a bit of a runny tummy and Mignon had a bit of a runny nose.  By yesterday morning Isabel was puking and Mignon was breathing from her stomach.  I seriously thought we were going to end up in hospital, I had nee-naa-nee-naa sounds in my head.

So, we did The Big Schedule Juggle and kept the girls home and I managed to get an early appointment with our GP for Mignon so I could quickly take her and still get to work at a reasonable hour, we could leave them with our domestic lady for a couple of hours and Etienne would do the afternoon shift.

As I’m standing in the chemist waiting for the truckload of medicine my phone rings.  Our domestic lady at home, the power is out.  Whilst I’m watching Mignon take random things off the shelves, wanting to know what they are for and ask tell me to buy them (I really didn’t need any vaginal creams at that point) I try and figure out what could be wrong.  The conversation went something like this:

  • Me: Is the electricity completely off
  • Domestic Worker: Yes
  • Me: When did it go off?
  • DW: Just now
  • Me: What were you doing when it went off?
  • DW: When the toaster was on.
  • Me: Did it go off when you switched the toaster on or when it was already on?
  • DW: (thinks a while) Yes
  • Me:  (sigh) Don’t worry, I’m on my way.

I finally make it home, sort Mignon’s vast collection of drugs out, check on Isabel, sort out the electricity (Turns out the plug of the toaster made the plugs in the house trip, everything else was working), jump in the car and pull away with screaming tyres.

I made it halfway to work, only to realise that in my haste I had left my laptop at home.  I may or may not have said fuck several times whilst doubling back home.

Eventually I make it to work and play catch-up until I get a call from Etienne.  One of those “Now please don’t panic” calls.  Daniel had fallen off the jungle gym at school and they are “a little” worried, so he will have a look.

Eventually he calls back, he is rather taking him for x-rays.  By this stage I had of course already called the GP’s offices again to find out what the procedure would be for in case he does need a xray.  I had absolutely no idea whether he would need a referral letter.  As it turns out the Emergency room wasn’t too busy and they could help Etienne pretty quickly whilst I was mentally wringing my hands at work, doing the usual guilt schpiel in my head about not being there when my child needs me, even though his Dad is perfectly capable of dealing with it.  But still. My poor baby.

Our very unhappy boy.

He has broken both bones in his right arm, just before his wrist, but luckily they are greenstick fractures.  He is in a half-cast with bandages until Tuesday to check for swelling and then they will put the real cast on.  He was in a lot of pain last night, the poor thing.  We felt very helpless on his behalf.

Thank goodness the girls are on the mend and Daniel is having fun being dressed, bathed, his food cut, his bum wiped and his teeth brushed for him.

Pass the wine please.

ps: any suggestions of things I can put on his skin to avoid at least some of the itching when they put the cast on?  Do people still use baby powder for that?



My week so far

It’s official: I’m going to Mommy Hell.

But I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up on some sleep when I get there. I calculated this morning that I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in almost 3 weeks.

Week 1 is a long story, let’s just leave it at I was really pissed off for a whole week. Last week it was coming down from being pissed off and overtired and stressed out. This week, well, this week has been just friggin special.

Isabel started with a fever on Friday evening which ended in antibiotics on Monday. We left her with my Mom for the day.

Then Daniel started on Tuesday night, a set of AB’s for him yesterday. He did half-day at home with our domestic lady and the avie with my In-Laws (who couldn’t figure out how to take his temp and offered to give him Panado. The tablet)

THEN Mignon started with a temp last night and spent the day in bed with my Mom as she now has their bug. She now also has her very own bottle of AB’s.

Tomorrow the kids have a school outing that my Mom was going to take them to as both Etienne and I absolutely cannot take any more time off work.

And now my Mom is sick. Which means we have to farm the kids out to friends and teachers to be taken care of on the outing. It goes against every single one of my parenting principles to let someone else take my kids on a school outing, but I really don’t have a choice at the moment.

So kids: please forgive me. I know it sucks.


Ps: I checked the weather, no rain tomorrow, so the outing will be on.
Pps: Best everyone gets well, Mommy and Daddy need some R&R. Pretty please.

Sick children stories

The school called this morning, please come collect Isabel, she’s not well. Whilst I was out with my Mom trying to sort out birthday party stuff for next week.

As you do, I dropped everything and dashed off to the school where I found the following: 1 crying sick child (Isabel), 1 snotty happy child (Mignon) and 1 totally healthy child that simply refused to stay at school (Daniel). So I now find myself blogging from my phone whilst lying entangled in 3 sets of arms and legs on the couch amidst much coughing, sniffing and spluttering.

Part of me is really annoyed that most of my day is now cancelled, but a much bigger part of me is really chuffed to be spending the afternoon with them.

I’m going to stop writing now, my arms are sore..