Singing and having a moment

I was all set to do a really whiny post today about money and jobs and PMS and the like.

And then, on the way to school this morning the kids were singing the JanuaryFebruaryMarch song in the car after another extended conversation about having a Barbie Mariposa birthday party (Mignon).

My children keep me sane and honest.  They remind me that I have an incredibly important job to do.  And they make me laugh.  Every single day. Sometimes very reluctantly, but still.

I try very hard not to judge people that choose not to ever have children because their careers are too important, I try to be accepting and all ethereal about it.  And as much they drive me nuts and some mornings by the time we get to school I want to make a handbrake turn and fling them out the door from the moving car whilst cackling like a madwoman and racing away in a cloud of dust I don’t.

Because these little people are completely and utterly awesome and Someone blessed us with them.  We are the luckiest, luckiest people to have them.

Here is Daniel singing in the car: