Dear Mr President

zumaI have so many things to blog about (my awesome 40th last Saturday) and things that I’m considering blogging about (family and religion stuff), but this morning I had a hard conversation with Daniel which I think is more imporant to talk about.

Every morning I have a much-treasured 10 minutes of peace and quiet that I spend with my beloved iPad reading news and catching up on twitter.  You could possibly also refer to this time as avoiding-making-lunchbox-time, but hey.

This morning I was reading this article about rape in general and the rape and murder of Anine Booysen in particular with some rather horrifying details.  The mind baffles at the level of violence possible in a little town (Bredasdorp) that we have driven through several times on our way to Arniston. I know, how middle-class are we?

On the same page was a picture of our dear Mr President, Mr Zuma.  Daniel came and sat down for a cuddle under my arm, pointed to his picture and asked whether he was our president.  Yes, I say.  Is he nice? Daniel asks.

It took me a minute to work through all the inappropriate answers I could have given my child, but eventually I came up with this:

No, we don’t like him very much.

We don’t like him because he doesn’t take care of the children in our country as a President should, there are lots of children in really bad schools and without school books.

We don’t like him because he takes money from the poor people to build himself and really fancy house for his own, very large, family.

We really don’t like him because he doesn’t tell bad people not to hurt other people and doesn’t make proper rules to make sure this doesn’t happen.

We really don’t like him because he has told many lies and is often just really not a nice person.

So, Mr Prez,  how can you expect us parents to teach our children to love our country and be good citizens if you cannot do that yourself?  How can you expect us to teach our children to follow rules and respect each other when you cannot do the same? How can you expect our children (and by default YOUR children) not to rape, murder and pillage if YOU don’t stand up and take a stand?

Just saying.