On walking

I haven’t been to the gym in, well, many weeks. There, I said it. It’s been cold, it’s been dark and our bed was nice and warm at 5am which is the only time of day I have to exercise. And there has been spooning. I love spooning.

Last night I decided that today would be The Day, so at 5am this morning I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and realised that it was sort of light enough to walk outdoors in our beautiful suburb instead of heading off to the gym where the lights and sounds can be pretty jarring.

So off I went, at a considerably slower pace than several, er, weeks ago.

It was the absolute best walk I’ve had since the last time I walked outdoors at 5am, a good 7 months ago, a promise of summer now in the air.

It felt like visiting old friends. I meandered past all my favourite houses on my usual route, some of which are being renovated, some that are now for sale. I passed the pretty B&B that never seems to have anyone staying there, even though it is immaculately maintained. The house that has been standing empty since this time last year as the owners only seem to be able to work on it over weekends, although they’ve made great progress. The house with the really loud electric fencing.

I saw some of the usual people I used to see, the lady jogging with her sweet poodle, the guy with his boxer that’s never on a leash. The guy in a bakkie dropping off newspapers. The frail older man walking his large black dog.

Toward the end of my walk I get to walk right next to the vineyards, I always save this best bit until last, the vineyards are so very beautiful this time of year as they explode in green leaves, soon to be heavy with grapes. The rising sun kissing the hills. The sounds of a neighbourhood waking up slowly.

It was so lovely I may just do it again tomorrow.

Just keep walking

My New Years’ resolution was to start walking and lose weight (how very original!) so I made Etienne buy me takkies for my birthday (which conveniently falls on 1 January).

I left them in the box growling at me for a couple of weeks before I took them out and decided to take them for a walk.  I try to walk every day and have been building up slowly to a 30 – 40 min walk every day.  We live in the deepest darkest pit of suburbia with a LOT of hills, a lot of trees and a lot of old houses.  And the odd cool breeze.

Have I lost any weight?  Sadly, only about 2.5 kgs but I can now look over my boobs and almost see my toes.  Which is a massive improvement, let me tell you.  I forgot to measure when I started, so I don’t know how many centimetres I’ve lost, but it feels like a whole lot, must be at least half a person by now!

My biggest fear about going walking was that people would judge me for I look like whilst walking.  Now I don’t really give a shit, at least I’m walking.  They can sit in their cars and glare at the sweating fat chick, I don’t care.  I won’t look like this for much longer.

I normally walk in the evenings, but we took the kids swimming yesterday and tonight we’re going on a double dinner date with friends (to an actual restaurant, with other grown-ups!), so I decided to do it after school drop-off this morning.

Herewith some observations:

  • The chubby Moms walk in the evening, the SAH skinny Moms run and walk in the morning.  A LOT of them with make-up.  I don’t manage to put on make-up most days, much less when I’m going out to sweat.  I don’t understand this?
  • There are a lot of people that have actual gardeners, not garden services.  And the gardeners are quite a friendly bunch, they all greet.
  • Dirty dustbins really stink in this heat when the garbage truck is late.
  • The neighbourhood dogs are a lot quieter in the day than at 6pm at night. (could be the heat?)
  • There are seriously a lot of older people in our area as they were all watering their gardens at 8h30 this morning. How did I not notice this before?
  • The whole ‘vibe’ is different, a lot quieter in the mornings with so many people not on the street and in their houses.  And you don’t smell anyone cooking supper.

By far the biggest benefit of walking is that I’ve been able to get my head around so many things that I considered barriers in the last few weeks, it literally feels like my mind has opened up.  Not that it was very closed to start of with, it just needed a good old dusting off I think.

Now I’m just hoping it will rain soon as it is HOTHOTHOT in Cape Town!  I considered sitting in our kitchen wearing only my undies with all the curtains closed, but I wouldn’t.  Of course not..

ps: I also need to get Jack, the dog-that-was-meant-to-be-an-inside-dog-but-is-almost-as-big-as-a-horse-dog to come walking with me.  I bought him a harness as he freaks out when you try to put something over his neck, but now we lost the big-dog lead.  Sigh.

pps: the proposed party theme this morning was Marihontas.  I have a strong suspicion that this is a cross between Barbie Mariposa and Pocahontas (pronounced Cocahontas by ALL our children)