Telkom Schmelkom Helkom

The In-laws were coming over for lunch today, so I left hubby at home to get the weber and food going and ventured off to Tygervalley.  With the 3 children.

Which normally is fine for short trips, but I really needed to pay the Telkom account and I had lost the actual account, so I went into the Telkom Direct store, with the 3 children in the trolley, each a packet of chips in hand.

There is this guy that works there that has pissed me off before when I had ADSL installed, so I try to avoid him, but I had no choice today as the only other person in the store was helping an old lady and her son. 

Me:  Hi there, I would like to pay my account please, I don’t have the actual account, but I can give you the phone number.

Him:  That’s not possible, you can’t pay accounts here.

Me:  Huh, I paid here last month?

Him:  You’ll have to wait 30 minutes as I blah blah blah system blah blah blah barcode, but you can ask that lady that’s busy now, so you must wait.

Me:  Fine, I’ll wait.  (thinking: doos, watch this space)

So I waited a lifetime hours couple of minutes in which time the children finished their chips and started performing.  The noise level from the trolley kept increasing and finally reached peak when the girls started pulling each other’s hair and screaming like banshees.  At which point the people in the shop all whipped around their heads and I could feel the folk in the packed Mugg ‘n Bean across the passage burning holes in my back.

In this time other people had also walked into the store and the lady behind the counter then still goes ahead and helps someone else before me that arrived after me.  WTF??

My point is this:  Do NOT try to bully someone with 3 kids in a trolley.  I am beyond getting embarrassed about noise.  In fact, I am almost immune to it.  Don’t mess with me.  Hopefully he’ll think twice before he tries the sane stint next time.  I’m still going to complain, even though it might irritate me even more as I know nothing will come from it.. 

God help Telkom if they ever had to Privatise.  They wouldn’t last 3 months with that crap attitude. 

And yes, I’ll be registering for on-line accounts tonight..

19 thoughts on “Telkom Schmelkom Helkom”

  1. I know which guy you are referring to. He is about late 30 and have been there for ages? A true Telkom Employee!!!

  2. I know his name. He was in school with my brother. He is that real d@@s kind. He is one of those who can actually help you but will get up at 13h15 cause it’s his tea time or he won’t help just because you were a naughty customer and forgot your account… he just won’t help! Asshole!!!!!

  3. Dear MP3, thanks for popping in, but I think you neglected to read the post to the end. In fact, I think you missed the point of the post entirely.

  4. Generally they aren’t too bad, it is always one or 2 individuals that reinforce their bad reputation.

  5. We had lots of trouble paying online. Every month Husband paid way before the last date that account must be paid and every month they would cut our connection due to non payment. It then takes 2days before they rectify the problem. We are at wits end with them. Hope you get better results!

  6. phew! sounds typical of telkom … and yes i would certainly not mess with a mum with a trolley-full of kids 🙂

  7. I’m also becoming immune to screams & whining whilst shopping with my kids in the trolley. I do pay my accounts on line (that must shock MP3, that SOMEONE does pay online)! But I actually don’t feel like paying R50 delivery fee for a R13 loaf of bread from Woolies, so I tend to pop in there after work somedays. 😉

    Oh, and I pay my Telkom account at Pick n Pay (along with my municipal account). If you bank with Nedbank and are registered with Greenbacks – you score Greenbacks on your payment 🙂 I assume the same would go for other banking ‘loyalty’ programmes!

  8. Tee hee hee! I’ve learnt to outshame them. A few shop vegetables have tried this with me before and I switch Thomas into Turbo mode and before I know it I’ve been helped, offered coffee, a relaxing massage and naming rights to their first born!

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