The balancing act

This might as well be renamed The Week Of Manners. I’m doing this as an exercise in mental stability, so it’s not a pretty post. (My mental stability, not the kids’, they are on their own.

Once again, is it just us, or is it normal?

Things we chose not to fight about tonight:
Children eating with their hands
Shrieking (ok, maybe just a little)

Things we did (constantly) remind the kids to do:
Eat with your mouth closed
Don’t jump on the couch
Don’t stab your carrots with the sosatie stick
Don’t scrape your fork on the wood of the dining room table
Don’t jump on the couch
Please, for the love of sanity choose a friggin toothbrush. (They have several each, we seem to have an issue with throwing them away)
Did I mention don’t jump on the couch?

Things we didn’t have to worry about tonight and are immensely grateful for:
Kids playing together
Eating of food – they cleaned their plates
Laughing out loud
Reading time, without a single argument

In-between we have been shouting at the dogs barking at passersby with dogs and loud guinea fowl.

I live in a zoo. Happily so.

3 thoughts on “The balancing act”

  1. That could be my house on any given night to the tee (oh gosh, the jumping on the couch bit REALLY gets to me). Maybe with the exception that the dogs will bark at Hadidahs – they seemt o have accepted the guinea fowl by now.

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