The Beauty of Boys

Daniel1Today is Bible day at school, or as Daniel calls it: Egyptian day. He was really excited about putting on his Egyptian outfit, but was very cross that he had to wear ‘normal’ clothes underneath.

The first 6 months of the year were a little rough on our boy, I think getting his head around Grade 1 was a lot tougher than we gave him credit for. I know it was tough for Etienne and myself.

But, he is mostly back to his generous, affectionate, gentle, happy self. He’s never been a rough and tumble kind of boy, even as a baby he never used to like being handled too roughly. (in a playful manner, for the Parenting Police)

He’s also never going to be a Springbok Rugby player, which is completely fine by me as I think Isabel is the only of our children that got the Sporty Gene from their Dad. The other night we were lying in bed chatting and he asked me about being in the C Team.  “Mom, is the A Team and B Team better than the C Team?”.*

What a tough question to answer without making your child feel like a complete loser! So, I just said that we don’t care what team he is in as long as he gives his best, always.  At which point he promised to. Mostly.

Last night at the dinner table he also declared that he wanted to be a policeman, not just any policeman: a Secret Agent.  Bless.

I’m often reminded these days, looking at the fabulous little people in our house, that as long as a child feels loved, hugged, heard and accepted at home they can take most of the knocks the outside world gives them. As long as they feel safe at home life won’t be so very scary.

wordsLastly: I have been wanting to paint a family mission statement on wood for ages now and even made a friend make me a ‘slab’ to paint on which has been floating around the house for months now. I was sure I could do it free-hand, but the thought of actually putting paint brush to wood scared the living crap out of me.  I finally pulled myself toward myself on Sunday and did it.  All I can see are the mistakes, but the words are important to us as a family and life isn’t perfect, so whatever. If we can try to live by these words I think we’re good.

* His school is that big that there are 3 rugby teams.  True story. It amuses and terrifies me that some parents already pressurise their kids to be in the A Team.  At age 7.

5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Boys”

  1. Oh I love your family statement! Sweet boy, I think he is just a true original. A also plays B or C team and I was so totally happy that one f her cousins told her that B and C team was way more fun than A team

  2. My little boys’ school don’t have the A, B or C thing. Rather the Stormers, Lions, etc. It makes it a whole lot better because they really don’t need the labels so early on

  3. Love love ole the mission statement idea. I might have to borrow that!!!

    Daniels is perfect!


  4. Why do they grade the teams like that? At a Gr 1 level surely they can just mix it all up?

    Love the family mission statement – we have one of those wall stickers with it on above our TV – I love it!

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