The Christmas post

I am all psyched for Christmas this year.  Just wait before you fall off your chair laughing and speed-dialling the madhouse and think about why I say so for a minute:

I mentioned in my last blog post that my friend Sally believes in making, up cycling and re-cycling gifts.  She also believes in re-gifting.  Which I think is a cool idea, but only under certain circumstances (as she does, so don’t think she re-gifted something when she gives you a gift, ok?).

So, I have decided that for Christmas this year I will not be buying anyone an outright
gift except for our kids.  And even then I’m going to err on the side of caution.

Seeing as how I cannot paint or draw or knit or sew, I see many nights of crocheting in
the next few months, but I have the interwebs and Pinterest and Martha Stewart and I’m not afraid to use it.  I also vaguely recall how to make paper and still have the kit, so fun times ahead..

It reminds me of the first Christmas after Etienne and I got married.  We managed to get engaged, buy a house and get married in 2000 so we had ZERO money to buy gifts come Christmas.  So we made candleholders in various shapes and sizes from sand, glue and wax and some other random stuff I can’t even remember.  But I do remember having a fantastic time doing it and now the kids are a little bigger they can also help.

Have you thought about Christmas yet?  Ok, you can stop laughing now.

Ps: I asked my 80 year old Father-in-Law yesterday what I could crochet him for Christmas and he said a willy-warmer.  True story.

9 thoughts on “The Christmas post”

  1. LOL at your FIL…
    Love the upcycling thing but the regifting thing still needs to grow on me a bit. Am not quite there yet.
    I have thought about Christmas and am also doing a lot of knitting gifts this year. I have also been browsing and checking out a lot of craft blogs for easy projects like candles etc.  Am also planning to bake some cookies and packag them in something funky. Easy peasy and so much fun.
    I really need to make some time for Pinterest.

  2. LOL at Dad-in-Law, he and my dad would get on famously.  I often make Xmas gifts and 2 years ago our Orphaned @ Xmas theme was recycled.  Everyone had to bring a recycled or re-gifted gift.  It was great fun.  People shared books, CD’s, wine they didn’t drink etc.

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