The Couch Chronicles

Tonight I am so tired I don’t even have the energy to switch on my laptop. I don’t think I’ve been so happy to see a Friday in years.

Not happy in a I-hate-my-life kind of way, just happy in a I-really-need-to-gather-my-thoughts kind of way. And in a I-really-miss-my-kids kind of way.

I can tell the day of the week by how many hugs Daniel needs at night: 10 on a Monday and 10 x 10 by a Thursday. Isabel asks for a glass of water on a Monday and water, medicine, hugs and kisses by a Thursday. And Mignon wanders around for a couple of minutes on a Monday and by Thursday night we can hear her down the passage singing songs until she eventually passes out.

They are such little troopers. I feel really bad about yanking them out of bed so early in the morning and dropping them off at school when it’s not even properly light yet.

But. We do what we need to.

Ps please hold thumbs, we are hoping to add another canine child to our family. Details to follow..

Pps I blogged from my phone. Just so you know.

One thought on “The Couch Chronicles”

  1. I hear you on the dropping before it is properly light,it is a serious winter problem.
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend with lots of hugs and kisses for the kiddies

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